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Bobby’s Bookmarks: Our Favorites That We’ve Been Bookmarking This Week

Design: Daniel Boddam

While we anxiously await the Thanksgiving holiday (and subsequent food coma), we’ve still got one more batch of our best bookmarks of the week. So defrost that turkey, order the pies, and then check out our picks for this weeks inspiration. 

This week, we’ve got a whole new post full of all things inspiring, from an Aussie home that has got us seeing red, an urban oasis in New York, a cozy and collected space in Northern California, ingenious recycled plastic tiles and lots of fun products to get your holiday shopping started.

Ready to see it all? Scroll down for the best of our bookmarks for this week. And if you want even more inspiration, click through here to follow us on Pinterest to see everything that we’re currently loving.

Perfect Pop of Color

Think putting red in the kitchen isn’t such a hot idea? Think again. With just the right amount of red accents, this Aussie kitchen feels both super modern and inviting. It has just enough visual interest without becoming overwhelming, and has us seeing red as an option all over the house.


On The Ball

While incense may bring to mind images of a hippie enclave and a strong smell of patchouli, it’s come along way since those days, especially when it comes to great looking incense holders. We’re fond of this very chic and simple brass ball holder. It has two different holes on each end to accommodate different size incense, and the best part is it’s just $7.


A Cut Above

This cutting board, which comes in 9 colors, isn’t just a stylish (and affordable at only $16) accessory for your kitchen. It also happens to be highly functional. It features a handle and foldable sides, making it oh so easy to move whatever you’ve just chopped to a pan or plate.

Design: Laura Santos

Serene in Soho

In a bustling city like New York, your home can serve as a refuge from all the chaos outside your door. Designer Laura Santos has created just that in  her own home, a Soho loft decorated in a mix of mid-century pieces, white walls and lots of warm toned wood. The home is both modern and classic, and definitely a space we wouldn’t mind escaping to anytime.


Nothing Holds A Candle

Need a last minute addition to your Thanksgiving table setting? Try these simple, rustic-chic ceramic candleholders, which come in three different sizes. They will work with a number of different styles, look great year-round, and at $7, they’re a no brainer.


Sweet Sheet

We never thought we would call a baking sheet cool- but that was before this version from Great Jones came out. Besides its super fun cobalt blue color, it has a nonstick coating and is reinforced with steel rods so it will never warp over time. Something that looks great and works really well?- we call that a win-win.



Feeling Neutral

This Australian home fits right in with the Textural Neutral spaces we posted about earlier this week. A Victorian-era home renovated and designed by Daniel Boddam, it’s monochromatic palette and unique period details create a layered and comfortable space with plenty of refinement. It’s just the type of home to spend a cozy holiday with family and friends.


Plastic That’s Fantastic 

We thought we had seen it all when it came to tile- that is until we discovered this tile made entirely of recycled plastic products. Created by designer Enis Akiev, the tiles are made by sorting plastic waste, melting it down in an oven and forming it into squares. The process creates tiles in a vast array of colors and patterns too. So in addition to looking very cool, it’s also helping reduce waste. Now that’s some fantastic plastic.


Sticky Situation

Here’s a super stylish lamp design will definitely stick with you. Originally designed in 1962, it has a suction cup on it’s base so you can place it anywhere you need a little illumination- upside down to brighten up a shelf, in a hallway with no ceiling fixture, or on just about any wall. It’s a sticky situation you’ll want to get in.

Cali Collected 

We can’t think of a place we would rather spend a cozy and eclectic Thanksgiving Day than this Northern California home. A rustic space built in the early 1900s, it’s full of enviable vignettes and objects from all over the globe, with a wild garden outside overflowing with edible plants and vegetables. And that eclectic table would fit right in with our picks from Thanksgiving Upgrade: 4 New Takes on Table Settings.


Going Up The Wall

We’ve seen rugs used as wall decoration, but never as an entire wall. Designer Kacper Gronkiewicz did just that in is this Polish Cocktail Bar, covering the space in Moroccan rugs, along with accents of bright blue, mismatched marble and brass tabletops. It’s like being inside a super modern bazaar- that also happens to serve drinks! Now that’s our kind of place.


(Almost) Winter Wear

Treat you head to a bit of luxury as temperatures drop with this cashmere beanie. At $65, it’s a bit more than your average cold-weather headgear, but the super soft cashmere in 4 great colors will be a staple in your winter wardrobe for years to come.