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Bobby’s Bookmarks: The Spaces, Products & Art Helping Bring Awareness To The Black Community

The last few weeks have been a period of major unrest, with protests around the world seeking justice and demanding change. We’ve highlighted ways you can use your voice and show support, and today we’re sharing spaces, creations, and products that are calling attention to racial inequality – and seeking to uplift and empower the lives of Black Americans.  

This week we have a  black-owned firm creating design for all, how to learn about (and donate to) the Black Interior Designer Network, along with artwork that is making a statement, and products that support the Black Lives Matter movement.


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Equality In Design

We have always believed that good design should be for everyone, and that’s exactly the philosophy behind Determined by Design. Lead by Kia Weatherspoon, the Washington DC-based firm advocates that well-designed interiors spaces should be accessible for all, and have created a number of affordable housing projects that not only look good- but also inspire and uplift communities.



Products To Benefit Black Organizations

Some products are more than just stylish pieces – they’re also ways for you to show support for Black Lives Matter and other organizations leading the way for racial equality. Crafted, a pop-up store dedicated to conversation and creating empathy, has released a collection of t-shirts with empowering messages. All proceeds will go to organizations supporting the cause. Brooklyn brand Porter James is donating all proceeds from its candle line to Black Visions Collective.  Agolde, An LA brand, is donating 100% of the retail price of masks to various causes fighting injustice, and Partake Foods, a black-owned business, is donating 10% of web sales to Food Equality, which supports low-income families.


For more ways to support by shopping, check out our post 24 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses.

Support Black Interior Designers

Promoting inclusion and sharing the work of black designers is the mission of the Black Interior Designers Network. By providing resources and professional development, they are helping ensure that black design businesses can flourish. You can also show your support for designers through the BIDN Donation Fund, which benefits the organization’s annual conference, events, resources, operations, as well as the NAACP.


You can see even more black designers and their work in our post Highlighting Black Interior Designers & Their Work



The Art Of Activism

A number of black artists have responded to the protests currently underway by creating artwork that also aims to make a statement about racial inequality and police brutality. Artist Nikkolas Smith has created a series of striking portraits of members of the black community killed by police, while Jammie Holmes created an art demonstration using enormous banners printed with George Floyd’s final words. They were then flown over 5 American cities as an act of national protest, showing once again that art can be a powerful – and profound medium.


To see more artwork from black artists, check out our post 24 Pieces of Art From Black Artists.

A Colorful Home & A Call For Action

Tamu McPherson, creator of the lifestyle website All The Pretty Birds, has also designed a colorful and eclectic home for her family. Using shades of magenta, blue, and everything in between, she created a stylish space that also includes impactful work from artists like Micaiah Carter. In addition to her talents in the world of design and style, McPherson also has bee using her platform for good, calling on brands to work with and promote black content creators.


Preserving Black Spaces

While it might seem like architecture has little to do with racial justice and equality, preserving historical black spaces is important for remembering the past- and educating future generations. The African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund is leading the effort to preserve and honor black spaces, from the homes of prominent black leaders, churches, and historical sites. Thanks to their efforts, 22 spaces have received grants to protect and restore, including Harrit Tubman’s Home in Auburn, NY.


  1. Hi! I’m Suzy, I’m currently taking online classes for interior design and I just wanted to say I love this and you! I hope to be half as successful as you are and would love to collaborate with you sometime!
    I also come from a religious home (my dad is a Baptist preacher) and I am bisexual. I haven’t really come out to them but have told my mom I have been attracted to women and would date a woman. I have tried dating a couple women but both times they had boyfriends and it didn’t really work out. I’m currently single and have been feeling very alone and not heard lately. It’s hard feeling like the black sheep of your family and I have mental health issues and don’t have a good support group or friend group. I try to remind myself that some people aren’t supposed to fit it and we’re here to change the world but it’s hard when I feel like my voice is making me secluded. And sometimes I have to question if my feelings are valid or if I’m misinterpreting the situation.
    Anyways woo! Not sure how I got here but I think it’s probably because I watch Queer Eye a lot so I’m telling you my whole story lol and I’m high from this joint I just rolled so I’m rambling.
    Peace & Love <3 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Suzy. Coming out is a different process for everyone, and we all go through ups and downs. (I’ve been there.. But just know you are worthy of love and it will get better. xx -B

  2. I think you are the King of Hearts, because every time I watch you and the guys on Queer/Eye, I am watching to see what and how you will change the person’s home surroundings. How you use the person’s life style to organize his home. I love IT!