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Bobby’s Five Favorite… Essential Oils (And How To Use Them)

For Bobby, self-care is much more than a way of life, it’s essential. And so are essential oils. With an endless list of health and wellness benefits, incorporating oils into your routine is an easy way to nurture your mind and body – and all it takes is a few drops. So today we’re showing you the 5 oils Bobby is always diffusing, and how you can breathe in the benefits as well. 


Whether you choose to diffuse, dilute, or apply to the skin, oils can enhance your wellbeing. So keep scrolling to see all the ways Bobby is taking advantage of 5 of these natural wonders.


* You should also be aware that some essential oils (like eucalyptus and tea tree) can be hazardous to pets. So take caution when using or diffusing around your furry friends.


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Lavender Oil For Sound Sleep

There are lots of methods for ensuring a good night’s rest. But the tried and true (all-natural) trick to get Bobby fast asleep? A few drops of lavender oil applied to the pulse points. It’s a foolproof way to put you in a state of deep relaxation – and to start snoozing (esp when Bobby’s traveling). But the benefits also go beyond the bedroom: lavender is also great for calming nerves and anxiety, or adding to a warm bath when you really want worries to melt away.



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Peppermint Oil For Concentration

Whether you need to power through a project (we’ve all been there) or get the kids to finish up homework, peppermint is the foolproof way to help find focus. The invigorating scent is an instant way to stimulate – and set you up for some serious productivity. So add a diffuser to your office or work area and keep some peppermint on hand to really pep you up. Plus, it also happens to be helpful in relieving headaches and soothing sore muscles (bonus!)



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Ready to breathe easier? Then embrace this wonder from Down Under. Inhaling the steam from Eucalyptus oil is a magic method for combating congestion and clearing sinus passages. And besides the respiratory benefits, this oil can also keep you calm (we’re talking complete Zen) in the midst of major life challenges. So stashing a bottle nearby – or in your car or carry on like Bobby- is a smarter way to handle stressful situations.



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Grapefruit is more than just a sizeable citrus. It’s also a great way to get you energized (with no squeezing required). This bright and balanced oil is certain to get you up and going any time of day, with a  scent that says “Let’s do this!” And when you’re feeling less than sweet, grapefruit oil has even been shown to improve your mood. Inhaling a few drops before a workout can also help you boost energy and push through those last few reps.



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Tea Tree Oil For Cleansing

If there’s one oil that’s the overachiever of the bunch, well it’s gotta be Tea Tree. It’s seriously packed with more purposes than we can even list. (What a show-off!) From naturally purifying the air to soothing irritations, to cleansing skin, this oil sure does a lot. And thanks to the trio of antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties it possesses, it’s also ideal for cleaning. A few drops can make an all-natural scrub, disinfectant, or deodorizer.



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Be sure to check back every Friday as we reveal 5 more of Bobby’s favorites!


  1. These sound really nice! Can’t wait to try some at home for stress relief

  2. Bobby!! I’ve been loving all your content recently focused on wellness at home. Thank you for the resources and can’t wait to try the essential oil picks. Love – Mary

  3. Loved my diffuser, but I found out recently that even small amounts of certain essential oils can be bad for pets. Just a suggestion to check into it before you use around the furkids!

    1. Yes, that is true, and thanks for bringing it up. Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Peppermint can be harmful, so always a good idea to keep away from and curious pets. xx -B

  4. Hello, I love your blog and newsletter! Just thought it was worth mentioning that many essential oils can be harmful to cats and dogs even when used in a diffuser – particularly eucalyptus and tea tree but also peppermint.
    I bet many of your readers are also pet owners and would find the addition of this information useful. KUTGW.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve added a note in the post to let everyone know. xx- B