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Bobby’s Five Favorite… Etsy Shops For Home Decor

If there’s one place online to turn to for everything and anything handmade – it’s got to be Etsy. So when we want to give a unique touch to an interior, it’s the first place we head (or click). And today, we’re sharing the 5 sellers that Bobby always turns to when furnishing a new space. 


From candles to ceramics, pillows to prints, these are 5 of the shops you should be seeking out for unique items for your home – and they’re all made in the U.S.A.


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The Coolest Candles / Cai Cai Handmade


The candles from this Texas maker will do more than light up a room – they’ll also make it stand out. With unique textures, sculptural details, and geometric shapes, each design makes a stylish statement (that’s almost too beautiful to burn). Plus the array of sizes and the paired down colors (ivory, gray, olive, lavender) means these candles are also a hot commodity. And we’re not the only ones who think so: the shop has over 2,000 sales.


BUY HERE starting at $13







Artist Kristen Boydstun creates art that embraces simplicity -and will make you feel like it’s summer all year round. The paired down pieces featured in her shop are inspired by those long and lazy days, whether depicting a sailboat, a scene of sunbathers, or a simple line drawing of flowers. The minimalism of the work is also what makes it so versatile, meaning you can add summertime style to any style or space – no matter what the weather looks like outside.



BUY HERE starting at $33

The Perfect Pillows – Laurel & Blush Co


Laurel & Blush isn’t just a place to shop for pillows – it’s the place you should shop first. With over 190 pillow designs available (in 8 different sizes) it’s become Bobby’s go-to source when he needs to accessorize a sofa. And whether you prefer solids, stripes, patterns, or textures,  you can rest easy knowing they’ve got them all!



BUY HERE starting at $16






Stylish Wood Serving Pieces – Farm Hill Wood Shop


In Bobby’s kitchen, the way food is presented is just as important as how it tastes. So it should come as no surprise that he’s got plenty of stylish serving pieces – like the handsome trays and boards on offer by Farm Hill Wood Shop. Crafted in Illinois from ash, cherry, and black walnut, they offer size and shape to work for every occasion – and every kitchen. And when not being used for a charcuterie board or some tasty treats, all the pieces will look equally appealing displayed on your counter.



BUY HERE starting at $18





 Ceramics You’ll Want To Show Off – O Snow Ceramics


There are a lot of ceramics on the market, but not a lot of pottery that’s really got personality. And Los Angeles-based maker Olivia Snow certainly knows how to give her pieces that extra special something. Whether it’s a plate, pot, vase, or mug, she uses glazes and design details (like squiggles or faces) to create organic modern essentials that you’ll want to use with pride for years to come. Be sure to bookmark this shop, as you’ll def want to pop in regularly to see what she creates next!



BUY HERE starting at $15



Be sure to check back every Friday as we reveal 5 more of Bobby’s favorites!


  1. I love Etsy!! Thanks for sharing these cute shops…I definitely will get a few candles 🙂

  2. Love you Bobby! Can’t wait to see more shops you recommend – I’m looking for some good gifts for my mother

  3. Well, now I officially would like to have all the things!!!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading. Glad you loved my picks! xx -B