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Bobby’s Five Favorite…Stylish Storage Containers (All Under $25)

Does finding the right storage solutions for your space have you stumped? Sure, there are lots of options out there, but which ones will actually work (and look good too). Lucky for you, we’re definitely storage sleuths, searching high, low – and even in those hard to reach corners – to find the best ways to get you organized in style

We’ve compiled 5 of the best pieces you can really put to use – and are pleasing to the eye, too. From your closet to desk drawers, kid’s rooms to kitchens, these are the items you need to make a real impact on your home organization (starting at just $7).


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Do Even More With Your Drawers 

Whether you subscribe to the Kon Mari method or not, these bamboo drawer organizers (designed by the expert in tidying up, Marie Kondo) will do wonders for your dresser, desk drawers, or vanity. Made of renewable bamboo, they’re perfectly sized for storing clothing, accessories, office supplies (or for creating a very chic “junk” drawer). And the rich wood tone will elevate your organizing to a stylish new level. 


BUY HERE  for $7






Storage Over The Door…And So Much More

Over the door storage might seem like a “been there, done that” organization idea. But for a new spin, try taking this item beyond the bedroom closet. These perfectly sized pockets will store so much more than shoes.  Add it to the back of an entry closet and use it as a catch-all for winter gloves, hats, and the dog’s leash or fill with kids’ craft supplies in a bedroom or playroom. It’s a super easy substitute for anything you would normally place in a drawer, and with 24 compartments there’s a dedicated place for just about anything you need to easily grab.


BUY HERE for $17

A Storage Basket That Will Flip Your Lid

There are plenty of stylish storage baskets available. So what sets this one apart? The ability to quickly and easily stash items out of sight. A hinged lid means you don’t have to fuss with taking off a top (making it especially easy for little hands) and will keep things easily out of sight. In fact, we think you’ll flip out when you see how handy these containers are in every room of the house,



BUY HERE for $13






Streamline Your Kitchen With Stacking

Your kitchen may seem organized, but sometimes behind a cabinet or fridge door… well, it’s anything but. So follow our rule for keeping things streamlined behind closed doors – start stacking. Instituting a series of clear stacking containers is the key to adding order, while also effectively utilizing all available space. These clever bins (which come in 5 different sizes) are one of Bobby’s best-kept secrets for a functional fridge or cabinet – and will make organization a piece of cake.



BUY 4 PACK HERE for $25





Tidily Tuck Items Out Of Sight

Never underestimate the storage opportunities of every space in your home – especially the ones you don’t see. A few inches under your bed have the potential to be the perfect spot for keeping seasonal items neatly out of sight. And this zip-top organizer is tailor-made for tucking away duvets, extra blankets, or pieces of your wardrobe you won’t need till next season. And a clear top means you’ll also be able to see what you’ve set aside (without pulling out every piece).



BUY HERE for $21


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  1. These are great, and would love to see more storage ideas, especially for kids! It’s so hard to keep all of thier stuff neat without it taking over the entire house.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We will keep that in mind for our future storage tips and ideas! xx -B

  2. Never would of thought to use over the door shoe holder for all the odds and ends at home. Great idea. Sending love to you Bobby .

    1. Glad you found our tips helpful! The over the door shoe organizer is always one that is overlooked. Thanks for reading! xx -B

  3. I need all of these! And I need Bobby to come help me with my home design! 🙂

    1. We’ve got a lot more tips on home design coming soon so get ready! xx -B

  4. Very beautiful and affordable! Thank you for these ideas. I’m interested in toy storage for apt living room. My home is taken over by Barbie and LEGO!

    1. I feel you! Keeping every toy in their box is the dream. Hope you found our options helpful! xx -B