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Bobby’s Five Favorite…Ways To Get Your Bathroom Organized

Want the inside scoop on all of Bobby’s best finds? You’re definitely in the right place. And this week, we’re sharing 5 of his favorite ways to get your bathroom organized – and keep it that way!

It’s easy for all the products in our lives to get overwhelming (especially in the bathroom). But adding the right organizational tools can be a real game-changer, and lucky for you, we’ve got 5 products that will take your space from chaotic to under control.


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A Drawer Organizer That’s A Clear Winner

What it comes to organization, adaptability is key. And that’s exactly what sets this drawer organizer apart. It’s able to expand from 10″ to 17″, making it the perfect place to store all your essentials, no matter what size.


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The Shelf That Sets The Bar

Take you towel bar to the next level by giving it a double duty. This shelf and towel bar combo is a stylish solution to providing extra storage, without taking up any counter space.


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A Storage Container That’s Easy To Access

Even the best storage solutions won’t stick if they’re not functional or accessible. That’s what we love about this handled storage basket. You can oh so easily pluck it from a shelf or under the sink whenever you need it. Try assigning a basket for every member of the family and say goodbye to cluttered countertops!


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The Shower Solution That Stores It All

There are lots of storage options for your shower, but none combine all the details (and clever features) quite like this one. With four shelves, built-in bottle holes for easy dispensing, and hooks for hanging, there’s a spot for any and everything. It even features a clever built-in notch to keep a handheld shower hose tucked away.


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The Countertop Caddy With A New Spin On Organization 

It’s easy to keep beauty essentials organized – when they’re just a turn away. Whether placed on a counter or in a drawer, just give this organizer a spin to easily see (and store) all your products.



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