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5 Ways You Can Give Thanks – To Yourself & Others

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, there’s no better time than now to give thanks. So we’re sharing a few simple ways to give thanks and show gratitude to others- and yourself.  

In the spirit of giving thanks, we’re sharing 5 ways you can say thank you: to yourself, your family, your community, to essential workers, and to organizations and individuals making a difference. From small acts of kindness to showing support, to simply saying thank you.


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Give Thanks…To Those Making A Difference

There are lots of organizations and individuals out there fighting to create a brighter future for us all. Here are just a few that are certainly worthy of thanks – and our support.


  • New Story – Helping End Homelessness
    A non-profit that creates innovative housing ideas (like a community of 3-D printed homes) to combat homelessness and positively impact low-income areas around the world. So far, they have built 25 communities in Mexico, El Salvador, Bolivia & Haiti, with over 2,300 homes funded.


  • Daylight – A Better Bank 
    As the first bank founded for and by the LGBT+ community, Daylight aims to provide financial literacy to an underserved community and combat discriminatory lending. (A study found that same-sex borrowers were 73% more likely to be denied a mortgage.)  In addition to all the regular services of a bank, they also offer an online community of financial coaches trained to meet the needs of the LGBT+ community.


  • Give Directly – To Impact Those In Poverty
    The organization has a simple idea: give money directly to those in need, and they will spend it on what they need the most. They are currently accepting donations specifically for the COVID-19 response in Africa and the US, with $194 million going right to families that have been impacted.


  • Lotto Love – A Scratch Off With A Purpose
    Unlike a regular lottery ticket, every lotto love card is a winner. But instead of you winning cash, you scratch off to “win” a charitable donation – in the form of clean water, literacy tools, solar power, or nutritious meals – that will benefit those in need. It’s a unique way to give thanks – and makes a great gift.




Photo: Postable

Give Thanks…To Your Family

Whether they are close or far, you can show all the members of your family how grateful you are to have them in your life. Here are a few easy ideas.


  • Send Some Love
    Postable makes it easier than ever to send a card to someone you love – without having to leave your home. With hundreds of designs and occasions to choose from, you simply type your message, add an address, and your card is on the way to send your sentiment.


  • Take On New Tasks
    If you’re living with a partner, parent, or even a roommate, you can show how thankful you are by taking on a task that they typically do. Whether it’s making dinner, taking out trash, cleaning, or giving the kids a bath, it’s the simple things that can sometimes say the most. 


  • Create A Gratitude Jar
    For a way to get your whole family expressing thanks, designate a jar (or bulletin board) as a place to show gratitude. Have everyone write one thing they are thankful for each day on a slip of paper, and at the end of the week, read all the slips and reflect on the many things you all have to be thankful for.



Give Thanks…To Your Community

Wherever you are in the world, there are people in your community that have made a difference this year. Show thanks for what they’re doing by giving your time, energy, or support.


  • Volunteer Your Time
    Your time is perhaps the easiest way you can show your gratitude to an organization or person, so put it to good use. Find a group or cause and show up for them. Check out Volunteer Match to find ways you can help safely during the pandemic.


  • Donate To A Local Food Drive
    Support a local food bank or non-profit that’s helping to combat hunger by donating nonperishable items, or volunteering to organize or prepare items. You can search for your local food bank here


  • Show Appreciation For Those Making Deliveries
    We rely on delivery services now more than ever, so say thanks to those bringing packages, food, or other services to your door. Many delivery workers are paid an hourly rate and rely heavily on additional tips, so consider a larger tip amount the next time you place an order.




Give Thanks…To Essential Workers

No one deserves more heartfelt thanks than healthcare and other essential workers who have tirelessly helped to keep us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. And there’s no better time than now to show your gratitude for their work.


  • Give Essential – Donate Supplies
    This organization is connecting workers with the supplies they need the most. You simply sign up as a donor and send supplies to the worker you’ve been matched with. You can also give directly to help keep their operations up and running.


  • Meal TrainGive Meals
    If you know a local essential worker who could benefit from free meals, this service enables you to crowdsource upcoming meals delivered. You enter in the recipient’s information and dates, share on social media, (or start an accompanying fundraiser), and allow others to sign up for specific meals.


  • Aamica – A Virtual Thank You
    This thank you campaign allows you to show gratitude to an essential worker – thanks to technology. When you (or an organization) purchases a package, you are able to record a video expressing your support and thanks. A worker can then access that video by tapping a digital bracelet they receive, no matter where they are in the world



Give Thanks…To Yourself

And finally, YOU deserve some thanks too. Think about all the personal attributes you’re thankful for, and how you can continue to use them to improve your life. And be sure to take some time just for you – to reflect and unwind.



  • Unplug & Enjoy Nature
    Getting outside is one of the best ways to give thanks for the beauty of nature, and help you reconnect to the simple things in life. It can be as simple as a walk in the park, watching a sunset, or spending time in your own backyard


  • Let Your Mind Unwind
    Your mind might be working overtime these days, between work, family, and every day worries. So give it a day (or a least an hour) off and with mindful meditation and soothing scent. Try some lavender oil to ease away tension and check out this guide for getting relaxed in no time.


  • Practice Self Care
    Give thanks to the body that supports you all day, every day by treating it to some relaxation. A long bubble bath, a rejuvenating nap, or an at-home massage are all great ways to show yourself love.


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