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Bobby’s Five Favorite…Ways To Un-Clutter Your Kitchen Counters

Is it just us, or does it seems like kitchen counters always end up cluttered? (And between cooking, dishes, and keeping track of life, it’s hard to get a break.) But de-cluttering your counters can be done (we promise!) – and we’ve got five products to get you started. 

The key to counter decluttering? Employing clever solutions to give you more space – and corraling everyday items out of the way. Ready to see them all – and set your kitchen up for success?


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A (Practically) Perfect Way To Dispense Paper Towels  

Paper towels are supposed to clean up messes – not add to them. So don’t let a PT dispenser contribute to your clutter. Opt for this dispenser that easily mounts under a cabinet, where it’s out of the way (but always there when you need it). What also makes this item truly special is its “perfect tear technology” – a feature that keeps the roll from unnecessarily unraveling, and allows you to oh-so-easily tear one piece at a time.


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The Dish Rack That Can Disappear

A bulky dish rack is one of the worst culprits for taking up valuable counter space (and not the most attractive either).  So switch to a version that can disappear when not in use. This paired-down version has all the tools you need (like a draining rack and separate area for silverware) but also collapses to a compact size that can simply be tucked under the sink once the dishes are dried.


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Storage With Magnetic Appeal 

For those everyday items you’re always reaching for, we’ve got a better solution you’ll want to stick to. With an assortment of hang bars, hooks, and shelves, this magnetic storage system was made to hold everything you need for all sorts of everyday tasks. Just stick it to the side of your fridge and you’ve got a better way to keep your counters totally clear.


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Double The Baskets (For Double The Storage)

If you’re going to keep something on your countertop, make sure it looks good – and functions better. And this two-tier metal basket has the best of both. With a tasteful design and a pair of graphite wire baskets, you can keep double the amount of fruit, snacks, or even cooking supplies on display – while only taking up 12 inches of counter space.


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Wall Mount That Works Harder 

When counters get crowded, hang in there – literally. Hanging items instead of keeping them in a countertop container is a simple way to save space – and keep things organized. This dual rack has 16 hooks to keep all your kitchen utensils, cooking tools, and even mugs handy. Plus it comes in 3 finishes (white, black, and chrome) to seamlessly match your existing hardware.


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  1. Great ideas. Love them and just what we need to get those counters cleaned up for the season ahead. ThankYOU❤️

    1. Bobby,

      Most of us don’t have trouble leaving knives on the counter. Any ideas for all the stuff that does stack up on the counter? Like K-cups, the day’s (or week’s) mail, the coffeemaker, fruit, etc.?

      1. A storage drawer like this one can keep k cups stored, and fit underneath a Keurig or coffee machine. For mail, I like to keep it off the counter completely and use a wall mount storage unit. And this 2 tier fruit basket we featured has plenty of space and a small footprint. Thanks for your comment! xx -B

  2. The DISH RACK THAT CAN DISAPPEAR is so great. I bought 2, one for the house and one for the boat. A great find + price!!!