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Bobby’s Five Favorite…Work From Home Necessities

By now, working from home isn’t a new concept – it’s the everyday routine for lots of us. And your workspace should be working just as hard as you are. So for this week’s Five Favorites, we’re sharing all the necessary items you need for a functional home office – with Bobby’s essentials for WFH.

This week, we have 5 products that will help you work smarter, stay organized, and even feel better when you’re logging long hours behind a screen.


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A Desktop Organizer That Will Keep You Powered Up

Organization is essential for any efficient workspace.  But all organizers aren’t created equal. Yes, this organizer has your standard compartments for paperwork, post its and pens. But what really sets it apart is a built-in wireless charger, keeping your phone powered and easily accessible while you work away. And in case you don’t need quite this much storage, it also comes in more compact medium and small sizes.



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The Lumbar Support That Will Add Comfort

While your desk may get most of the attention, what you’re sitting on (and leaning against) is just as important. So make sure you’re being fully supported. Made of memory foam, this $30 lumbar support has over 13,000 positive ratings and a lifetime warranty, making it a safe bet to improve your posture – and add some much-needed comfort to your workday.



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An Easy Alternative To A Stand-Up Desk

If you’ve considered making the switch to a stand-up desk, but don’t want to part with your current set-up, this riser is an ideal solution. Just place it on top of a standard desk and squeeze the handle (to one of  5 different height settings) when you feel like stretching out. You can even use it on a kitchen counter or dining table, and store it flat when the workday is through.



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A Smarter Extension Cord

Instead of plugging in an unsightly extension cord when you need power, opt for this sleek solution. While most cords have a bulky plug, this model has a simple white panel that attaches over a standard outlet cover. Think of it as all the convenience of using an extension cord, just in a much more visually pleasing package. And it also comes with double-sided adhesive strips to secure the cord against the wall, creating a clean look that eliminates having the clutter of cords on display.



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A Stylish Way To Avoid Strained Eyes 

Staring at a screen for 8 hours a day can take its toll. So protect your eyes with this stylish pair of blue light blocking frames. Pop them on during your workday to eliminate eye strain and combat the harmful effects of light from electronics. And if you’re a read your phone in bed person (guilty!) you’ll want to wear these as well to help fall asleep with ease.




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