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Bring A Bit Of Green Indoors With Bobby’s 15 Favorite Planters (All For Under $35)

For many of us, it might not be looking very green outside right now (sigh). But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring plenty of life indoors. Adding plants to your space is always a good idea – especially when you’ve got a stylish planter to place it in. And we’ve got 15 of Bobby’s favorite options- in all shapes and styles – to give your greenery a gorgeous new home.  

From tabletop to hanging, terracotta to textured, the perfect planter is just a click away. So keep scrolling to see the 15 planters Bobby is adding to his shopping cart (starting at just $6).


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8″ Gray Earthenware Planter 

For a two-tone take on the classic planter, opt for this 8-inch option (available in four other colors too) to partner with your favorite plant.


BUY HERE for $20

6″ Footed Speckled Planter

Just add some fun foliage and this playfully patterned planter is ready to par-tay.


BUY HERE for $25

6′ Modern Off-White Footed Planter

This planter certainly has a foot up on other versions – and its unique textured glazed also makes it rise to the occasion.


BUY HERE for $25


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5.5″ Modern Black Metal Plant Hanger

For a modern way to put your plant on display, try hanging out with this cool geometric option.


BUY HERE for $30

6″ Sand Tabletop Planter 

This sculptural take on terracotta is a wayyyy cooler version of clay (that Bobby uses to add interest to his bookshelf).


BUY HERE for $25


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3.5″ Black Wood Printed Planter

You might not be-leaf it, but this petite black planter is actually 3-D printed -out of wood!


BUY HERE for $34

8.5″ Ivory Ceramic Planter With Metal Stand

A black metal stand (and an affordable price tag) makes this planter, well, stand out.


BUY HERE for $35

9″ Concrete Basket Planter

Don’t be fooled by these (faux) fibers. This planter is actually textured concrete – that’s completely watertight.


BUY HERE for $20


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6″ Ridged White Pot

At a sensible $6, don’t hesitate to stock up on this practical and polished planter. (We definitely are.)


BUY HERE for $6

7″ Orb Hanging Planter

For a hanging panter that’s an all-around fave, circle back to this orb-shaped option (that’s actually made of lightweight sand and concrete mix).


BUY HERE for $25

10″ Textured Planter

Add an old-world touch to any foliage with this elegant urn style planter.


BUY HERE for $30

6″ Brushed Gold Planter With Stand

A glittery gold planter will turn any pedestrian plant into a glam bit of greenery.


BUY HERE for $15

4″ Terracotta Pot Planter

You can’t go wrong with a classic – and this tabletop terracotta is one planter that will never go out of style.


BUY HERE for $18



2″ Wood Dot Planter 

This planter is shaping up to be our new favorite – and is sustainably made of recycled wood fibers.


BUY HERE for $16

12″ Ivory Planter

Bobby loves the interesting details that totally take this ivory planter from average to eye-catching.


BUY HERE for $35


Ready to get planting? Tell us what your favorite options are in the comment below.