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Bring Your Destination Home: The Beach

Another day, another destination you can bring to your home. We’ve already taken you to the desert and the mountains, and today we’re going coastal for some sun, sand, and the sound of waves – The Beach.

The beach is one of the most popular destinations for just about everyone – and for good reason. It’s all about blue skies and relaxing summer days in the sand. And besides collecting shells,  there are lots of ways you can bring the beach vibe home. So grab your lounge chair and slather on some sunscreen, cause we’re about to show you how!


Keep scrolling to see today’s locale – The Beach – and all the shoppable products to bring this destination home. And be sure to come back tomorrow when we share our final spot: The Country.


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Photo: Tim Williams
Design: Brad Korfman

1. Clea Natural Lounge Chair | 2. Pale Wood Chain | 3. Clear Glass Vase | 4. Large Faux Palm Leaf | 5. Rattan Round Bread Serving Tray | 6. Dark Blue Ribbed Porcelain Stool | 7. Slip Framed Art | 8. Ivory Ceramic Table Lamp | 9. Beach House Candle | 10. Woven Knot Square Throw Pillow | 11. Knotted Fringe Navy Throw Pillow | 12. Coastal Jute Rug


Whether you’re dreaming of Cape Cod, Malibu, or a tropical island, you can easily bring beach style to your space. Here are the things to look for when creating your own seaside space.



  • Shades of Blue, Teal, White & Tan
  • Grey Washed and Light Toned Wood
  • Driftwood
  • Palm Fronds
  • Rattan
  • Woven Palm, Seagrass & Jute
  • Glass Lanterns & Hurricanes
  • Wide Cabana Stripes


Design: Leah Muller

  1. I’m really loving this series, so good. ??

    1. Thanks so much for following this week’s destination home stories! Hope you enjoyed them xx -B

  2. Where would I find the gorgeous black swimsuit diver pic? So reminds me of my mom?

      1. It looks like a TS Harris that is online at one Kings Lane and all over. @terry

      2. We are here because we love your designs. Give it to us ! Lol.

    1. Terry – I searched for that and it looks like it’s called Diving by Onchi Kôshirô and it’s an older painting, but if you Google you might be able to find prints (or you can find a high quality image and get it printed yourself)!

  3. Mountains and desert were good but the sea is my favourite! the lovely blue shades, washed out whites, very calming – I wish I was by the sea ! thank you Bobby for all the loveliness and for being such a lovely person – you and the other boys are such a breath of fresh air, inspiration and role models.

    1. The beach home style is always a relaxing favorite! Glad you enjoyed the story and thanks so much for the comment. xx -B

  4. Love love love the serene and relaxing elements in these photos and thank you for the tips. I would love to see a design article about a kid’s playroom. I am currently brainstorming how to design my child’s playroom.

    1. Thanks for your comment! That’s a great idea – we will definitely visit designing a children’s room in the future. Stay inspired! xx -B

  5. Thank you so much for share this ! ❤️

    1. Of course! Thanks for reading. xx -B