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Color Curation: Eucalyptus Green (The Shade You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere)

Nature has always been an endless source of inspiration for us – especially when it comes to color. So it should come as no surprise that the newest shade we’ve fallen for comes from – what else- a tree. It’s a color that’s relaxed, tranquil, and totally natural. Say hello to Eucalyptus Green. 

As part of our color curation series, today we’re exploring a shade of green named after one of Australia’s most famous exports – eucalyptus. Native to down under, there are over 900 species of eucalyptus trees, some growing up to 100 feet tall. (The name eucalyptus comes from the ancient Greek words eu meaning “good” and kalypto meaning “cover”.) And besides being known as a koala’s favorite snack, the plant is most associated with its calming scent and unique shade of leaves. Ranging from silver dollar sized, to slender, to long and oval-shaped, eucalyptus leaves are instantly recognizable (and perfect for an easy and fragrant arrangement in your home).

That trademark shade of green – with undertones of silver, grey, and blue – can feel equal parts serene, rejuvenating, and invigorating. It’s a richer and more blue tone than sage green, moodier than seafoam and celadon. With a calming quality that evokes nature, optimism, and growth, and recently it’s been popping up everywhere in interiors. From bathrooms to kitchens, furniture, lighting, and tile, eucalyptus green is a versatile shade that’s easy to incorporate into your space – and we’re showing how.


Keep scrolling to see more of our favorite spaces using this shade, along with 17 products you’ll love (and two of our favorite paint colors to capture this tone in your own home).


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Design: Reath Design

1. Anda Norr Side Table | 2. Flannel Duvet Cover | 3. Privilege Green Interior Paint | 4. Glass Filled Jar Candle | 5. Sphere Table Lamp


Ideal for kitchens, this soothing shade of green can make cooking a lot more calming. You can incorporate it through painted cabinetry, lighting, or simple accessories like plates, bowls, and linens.



Photo: Dyke & Dean

6. Mireya Pale Green Vase | 7. Dinnerware Set | 8. Lewis Windsor Chair | 9. iPhone Case | 10. Green Vintage Pillow Cover | 11. Matte Porcelain Penny Round Mosaic Tile


To give your day a soothing start (or end), incorporate eucalyptus green through inexpensive penny or field tile in your bathroom.

12. Albee Sofa | 13. Salt & Pepper Grinder | 14. Grain Pendant | 15. Modern Shapes Digital Art Print | 16. Sage Wisdom Paint | 17. Russell Tray

Add this serene shade to your bedroom through sheets, or a duvet cover. And don’t forget a scent diffuser with eucalyptus oil to get you fully relaxed before bed!

  1. Beautiful color, sort of cool and calming but warm and welcoming at the same time. And I love all the accessories and products ideas you have found. Even a vase to look at is special. Always inspiring. ?? to you and yours X

  2. Where is the bed from – with the 2 leather cushions as headboard? Thanks!!

    1. That space was designed by Studio Mcgee, so I don’t have the info on the exact bed. You can find a similar option here. Thanks for reading! xx -B

  3. Hey Bobby, I love this color and this post!! Would you do a post on maximalism or how to incorporate statement pieces? Interested but scared to commit to something loud!

    1. Thanks so much for reading. We will continue to add more stories exploring different design styles in the future so don’t miss out on them! Stay safe & inspired! xx -B

  4. What brand of cabinets are part of the eucalyptus green page? I can’t seem to find that color anywhere!

    1. Most custom kitchen cabinetry (including the images shown) does not come painted. It’s installed as an unfinished wood that can then be made any color you wish. There are some pre-made cabinet options you can purchase that generally just come in white, black, and wood tones. So if you want to create a eucalyptus green kitchen, you can either re-paint your existing cabinets or have new cabinetry made and painted. Thanks for your comment! xx -B

  5. Hey Bobby,
    We took the leap and painted our bedroom this shade. It’s so welcoming and calming, we love it! Any tips for what other colours to use for bedding and furniture though to help make it look ‘finished’? We’re really stuck. Carpet is a dark grey, bed and headboard mid grey upholstered. Thank you!!

  6. Hi Bobby! I love your work! What other shades of green do you recommend for the bedroom? I’m thinking of combining it with a clay tone. Thank you!