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Color Curation: Sacramento Green (The Shade You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere)

Photo: Trevor Tondro

As far as the color green is concerned, there are lots of shades that are well known (and classic). From olive to emerald, sage to seafoam, we’ve seen them and love them. But for 2020, we’re seeing a whole new shade making its way into interiors, fashion and furnishings. Say hello to sacramento green. 

For a new series here on the site, we’ll be highlighting colors that are making a splash this year, and exploring where they came from and what makes them unique. And we’re starting things off by going green.

As a color, sacramento green isn’t so easy to classify. It’s a darker and richer tone than teal, has more blue in it than emerald, and is significantly more saturated than a pine green. From a technical perspective, it’s composed of 0% red, 33.7% green and 24.7% blue, with 100% saturation. It’s definitely got an organic quality that harkens back to nature (think a lush forest and the vibrant tones of malachite), but also a depth and richness that makes it both elegant and moody. It’s versatile enough to be used with just about any style, as an accent or filling an entire room.

You’re also probably wondering where the name actually comes from. Well Sacramento is the capital of California, and the home of Sacramento State University, who adopted the color as their official shade in 2004- and the name stuck. And now we’re spreading the word that this is a color that needs to be in your vocabulary.


Recently, sacramento green has been popping up in everything from furniture to fashion and tile to tabletop goods, and in lots of inspiring interiors around the globe. From modern and minimal living spaces, to color infused kitchens, keep scrolling to see more of our favorite spaces using this shade, along with our picks for products (and two of our favorite paint colors to capture this tone in your own home).

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Photo: Evelyn Muller
Design: Flavia Gerab
Photo: Simone Bossi

This color works on your walls, floors, and even on your body. A bathroom or kitchen backsplash in a moody, glazed tile will keep things interesting, while a suit in this shade will definitely make a statement. Or you can keep things subtle with candlesticks or a decorative bowl in this hue.

1. Zellige Fired Opal Tile | 2. Shae Sofa | 3. Paddywax Taper Candle Set | 4. Slim Fit Linen Blend Blazer | 5. Strom Small Bowl 



Sacramento green pairs best with warm toned woods, caramel brown, gray tones and shades of white.

You can definitely make a statement by painting an entire room in this saturated shade. For a slightly less impactful interpretation, try a tonal area rug,  an oversize sweater or a punchy pillow.

6. Jolie Ribbed Sweater | 7. Elipse Tray | 8. Cane Floor Lamp | 9. Glidden Night Watch Paint | 10. Bradley 5′ x 8′ Area Rug | 11. Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover

Design: PPG

This shade can feel decidedly modern when applied in color blocks and minimal shapes. A simple metal side table, glass mug or sculptural lamp are ways to bring in this tone in an uncomplicated way.

12. Green Borosilicate Glass Mug | 13. Benjamin Moore Pacific Sea Teal Paint | 14. Matin Table Lamp | 15. Plastic Contoured D-Frame Sunglasses |  16. Slit Table Round 

  1. I *adore* this shade of green! Feeling inspired to bring sprinkles of this into my home. <3

    1. Isn’t it great? Thanks so much for reading. -B

  2. I’ve been looking for a shade of green for my stairwell, stairs and landing area… The green paints I have been looking at, they seem to be too pale to too bright, this is perfect! Thank you Bobby for the fantastic inspiration!

    1. You’re so welcome! Glad you found it. -B

  3. Love this shade of green. I have been obsessing over it since a year now but have been hesitant about how and where to use it in my tiny apartment. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  4. This is the shade of the accent wall in my living room! I get compliments on it ALL the time. I love it!

  5. Where do we find paints that are similar to Sacramento Green? Specific brands or names of paints?

    1. Any idea where I might find this color fabric? Absolutely love it and need for bridesmaids dresses.

      1. I would try your local fabric store or you can search online here. Thanks for your comment. xx -B

  6. I totally started seeing this color popping up in November/December. Fell in LOVE and bought a dress in Sacramento Green. Now I read this lovely blog and I’m ready to saturate my whole life in it.

    1. It’s such a great color. I’m seeing it everywhere too! -B