Daybeds: The Versatile Furniture Piece You Need & A Roundup Of Our Favorites

Photo: Jake Curtis
Design: Daytrip Studio

When it comes to furniture, sofas, beds and tables get most of the attention (and rightly so since they’re the foundation pieces). But today, we’re bringing you a versatile piece of furniture you’re probably overlooking. It’s time to dive into the world of daybeds. 

Not to be confused with a bench, futon or loveseat, a daybed is typically the size of a twin size mattress and usually has arms on 2 sides. (In some cases, a daybed might have no arms at all, or a full-frame along the long side and two armrest-style frames along the shorter ends.)  It can function as extra seating, a place to lounge outdoors, or (as the name implies) a bed. And regardless of your style or space, you can use a daybed – and we’re about to show you how!


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Photo: Lisa Romerien
Design: Anna Hillegass

AT THE Foot Of The Bed


While you’re probably familiar with a bench at the foot of the bed, but if you have a bit more space, a daybed can be an equally useful addition to the room. It’s a great spot to throw on your shoes, toss your bag at the end of the night, or even lounge and read a book. We recommend a daybed that has low sides or just a bolster pillow so that it doesn’t overpower the bed (and make sure it’s not taller than the height of your mattress).

Photo: Anette OBrien
Design: Po & Scott

For Adaptable Seating IN THE LIVING ROOM


Daybeds can serve a number of different purposes in your main living space. They’re ideal for proving versatility (since you can often sit on either side) and for filing an area where you need extra seating, but don’t want something as heavy as a sofa or loveseat. A daybed can replace a pair of armchairs, or be used in front of a fireplace or tv (as low seating that won’t visually impede or block your view). You can even sub out your sofa for a daybed to bring in a more casual and relaxed vibe that’s perfect for lounging (or catching up on a few episodes of Queer Eye).


Design: C.S. Valentin

To Create A Cozy WINDOW SEAT


Ready to get cozy? Placing a daybed in front of a window  (or nestled into a nook or in a narrow space) creates an easy window seat, and the low height makes it an ideal piece to fit perfectly below a window frame. It can be an attractive addition to an office or spare bedroom, providing a sunny spot to nap, relax, or just enjoy your view (and it’s a much easier option than a custom built-in seat).

Photo: Brian W Ferry
Design: Alexa Hotz



Sometimes a guest bedroom needs to serve as more than just a space to sleep. That’s when a daybed comes to the rescue! It takes up less space than a regular bed (since the long side is placed against the wall) and allows you to use the rest of the room for other functions – like a home office, additional storage or a playroom. And if you need sleeping arrangements for 2, opt for a trundle daybed, which has a secondary twin mattress that slides out from underneath.


As Easy Outdoor Seating


When you need versatile seating that’s great for entertaining, an outdoor daybed is your go-to. You can place a daybed in just about any outdoor space – a front porch, patio, even a balcony, and it can serve as a lounge chair (for two), a sofa, or even as seating in front of a dining table. Plus, after warm weather is long gone, most outdoor-friendly daybeds are attractive enough to move indoors!


  1. Hi Bobby
    Yes, love a daybed.

    But how about: a table that is mainly used as a desk in a spare room/music room/office…and occasionally, a dining room.
    The table extends, so it can be used as the dining table when entertaining a group… and it can also be used by me and my honey AS A TABLE TENNIS TABLE.

    Maybe a mid century teak looking thing…

    1. I love that idea! Thanks for the comment and inspiration xx -B

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    Do you have any favorite trudle day beds?

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