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Design a Better Bedtime: 4 Ways To Help You Sleep More Soundly

In this time of uncertainty, getting a good night’s sleep is not only important, it’s also crucial to staying healthy. But you don’t need a full rehaul or redesign to help you sleep better, below are a few simple steps you can take to ensure a satisfying slumber. 

Between stress, the constant use of mobile devices, and the fast pace of daily life, it can often be a challenge to get to sleep (let alone stay that way for 8 hours). Without making any major changes, you can elevate your bedroom into a space that encourages you to doze off. Trust us, a few small solutions can go a long way towards a more rested and rejuvenated you. We’re sharing 4 of our essential and affordable tips for getting some quality shut-eye, including the shoppable products you need to help make that happen, from sheets and scent to lighting and linens. Keep scrolling to see it all and be one step closer to some quality zzzzzzzzzzs. Sweet dreams!

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Design: Tina Rich

CREATE A Routine

Studies have shown that sticking to a routine, including a set bedtime and wake up time, can help you stay healthy and lower your risk for high blood pressure. Besides the health benefits, having a nightly routine will help your body and mind start to recognize when it’s time to go to sleep. Here are our suggestions to help you get into a habit that will help you unwind.


  • Limit Screen Time

    The blue light emitted by phone and tablets is not ideal for right before bed. (Blue light suppresses the creation of melatonin, which your body produces to help you fall asleep.) Try limiting your use of screens an hour before bedtime, and if you’re able to, leave your phone outside your bedroom entirely or place on do not disturb mode.

  • Eat Early

    Eating right before bed means your body is digesting while it’s also trying to shut down for the night. Save your last snack for 2 hours before bedtime to ensure your body can focus solely on going to sleep.

  • Try Meditation

    Meditating at bedtime is a great way to release stress and help your mind enter a place of calm and quiet. Try the Calm app to help develop a new nightly ritual. Or listening to soothing music or nature sounds can help send you into a deep slumber. If you have a google home or alexa you can ask it to play any of those soothing nature sounds all through the night or for a certain period of time before it shuts off.

GET THE Right Light

Light has perhaps the deepest effect on our bodies and how we physically prepare for bed. Having the right lighting can make the transition to sleep just a little more seamless, and even help you wake up more easily. Here are our tips for how to get your light just right.


  • Change Your Bulbs

    Just like electronic devices, a bright white LED bulb emits lots of blue light – the exact opposite of what you want at bedtime.  Try switching any lighting in your bedroom to a soft white, dimmable bulb that’s more suited to falling asleep. You can even purchase a lightbulb specifically designed by scientists to enhance sleep.

  • Go For A Shade

    Using a table lamp with a shade will ensure you are dozing off to diffused light. An exposed blub will be harsher on your eyes and isn’t ideal for preparing for bed. Keep in mind, a lighter colored lampshade will allow a bit more light to shine through, while a darker color will provide a bit more opacity.

  • Get Glowing

    For something even more specific to sleep, try a lamp that’s designed to gently take you into slumber. There are several options, like the glow light, a lamp that gradually dims as you doze off (and turns on when you want it to via an app). Or this option, which is touch-sensitive and can adjust to multiple levels of brightness.


Keeping things comfortable and cozy is one way to enhance your night’s rest, and help you stay asleep. Choosing fabrics that feel good, are breathable and will get even softer with use is key. See below for our suggestions on the bedding, pillows and more that can help you achieve a more peaceful sleep.


  • Choose The Right Pillow

    Where you lay your head matters, and that’s why choosing the right pillow is a must. Whether your a back, side or stomach sleeper, there is a style specifically designed for you. Check out this guide to get you on the path to the perfect pillow.

  • Get Better Bedding

    It’s all about creating a cozy and desirable spot to curl up. And adding soft bedding is the perfect place to start. If you tend to get warm,  percale bedding is a good option, while sateen bedding works best for those that tend to get cold. Bobby prefers to sleep with just a fitted linen sheet and duvet, forgoing a top sheet that can add another layer and make things too warm.

  • Find The Perfect PJs

    Soft and soothing fabrics aren’t just for your bedding – you can also wear them. Comfortable pajamas can make all the difference in a good night’s rest. This breathable sleepwear, made of bamboo, has a silky feel that will also keep you cool, and for something a bit luxurious (that’s also super functional), try a silk eye mask to block out light.

Design: Brian Paquette


Certain scents have a powerful way of soothing us into a pleasant sleep. Lavender, in particular, helps us to relax, de-stress and set our bodies in motion for rest. Try bringing scent into your bedtime routine with these simple suggestions.


  • Get Diffused

    An essential oil diffuser is an easy (and chic) way to bring scent into your bedroom. Place one on your bedside table and start it an hour before bedtime to ensure your space is filled with scent when you’re ready to call it a night.

  • Spray It On

    Spray your sheets, pillow and duvet cover with a relaxing linen spray before tucking in. You’ll be enveloped in a soothing scent as soon as you hit the pillow.

  • Before Your Eyes

    Wearing a scented eye pillow is a relaxing way to unwind, and block out light. You can even heat it up before applying for extra aromatherapy benefits.

Let us know if you have any questions below and if you have any other tried and true products or tips for getting a better night’s rest.

  1. I love this article, and I love Bobby, and I love the site. But today’s headline is painful! “4 Simple Solutions To Help You Sleep More Sound.” As a former copywriter, I understand that grammar rules often take a back seat to language impact. But the last word in this headline should be “soundly.” It does not take away from the impact of the headline. Big ouch!

    1. Thanks for letting us know. We changed the headline. -B

  2. Any tips for sleeping with dogs or cats? Specifically any recommendations for “hair-repellant” bedding? Thanks!!

    1. 100% linen and cotton are really good for repelling pet hair. Check out this link for more tips! -B

  3. Hey 🙂
    First of all I want to tell you how much you motivate me to decorate or just change accessories at home. I love watching you and listening to you.
    I’m due to move, when this lockdown here in England is removed and it’s safe to do so. My question is; how can I create a new home feel in a house where an elderly lady passed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared of “ghosts” only if negative vibes and energy. I’m terrified of the dark and live alone so, wondered if you have any ideas that can inspire me.
    I hope it’s not too strange

    Stay safe – lots of love always C

    1. It’s all about making a space your own, so bring in pieces that have meaning and are personal to you. As for the dark, a nightlight should help you out there! Thanks for reading. -B

  4. Hi Bobby Berk Team,
    I’m really interested in wallpaper and accent walls and how to choose and decorate the perfect accent wall. Maybe you guys could do (or have done) a whole post on that? I’d love the help!

    Love you!

    1. We will definitely keep that in mind for a future post. In the meantime, check out this article for some advice. Thanks for reading! -B

  5. Any advice on weighted blankets and washable wool blankets that won’t break the bank?

    1. We featured this blanket from Target on the site, and it’s one of the most affordable I’ve seen anywhere. This washable wool blanket comes in four colors ways, and is about a $100 less than others I’ve seen. Hope that helps! xx -B