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Design Trends for 2020: Our Predictions and What We Think Will Be BIG This Year

Design: Studio Ezra

We’ve seen a lot of design trends come (millennial pink) and go (R.I.P. edison bulbs) in the past few years. Some stay around longer than others, but with each new year, there is undoubtedly a whole new group of trends surfacing. So what better way to kick off the new year than to give you a list of what we think is going to be big this year in the world of design and how to shop it for your own home. 

For 2020, we’ve been searching high and low for what we think will be the defining trends of this year. While there are a wide array of design styles making waves, we’ve focused in on 8 that we feel will definitely be big.  From a bright shade of blue, to things getting playful, to ecclectic gone extra, these are our picks for interiors, furnishings, color, and decor that will prove to be the styles with staying power.

Keep scrolling to see all the trends (and shop them), and let us know which ones you love, and which ones you don’t think will make it to 2021.



From paint to furniture, lighting and accessories, bright, electric blue will be everywhere this year. Inspired by the most famous blue tone, International Klein Blue, created by French Artist Yves Klein in the 1950s, this tone works as pop of color in an otherwise subdued space, or covering an entire room. It’s a bold and exciting way to liven things up this year, and we’re not the only ones who think so- Pantone named classic blue their 2020 Color of the Year.


Ready to bring the blue look into your own home? Here are a few of our favorites to shop the look below.


Expect the unexpected in 2020- with color that is. We’ll be seeing lots of combinations that are far from your traditional tones. Olive green and pink, terra cotta and bright blue and sea foam green and rust red will continue to be prevalent pairings in paint treatments, furniture and tile. 


Bigger will be better when it comes to chair, sofa and table designs. Chunky and thick furniture pieces with heavy feeling bases will rule this year, and come in just about every material, from velvet upholstery to stone, wood and metal. Accessories, hardware and lighting will also reflect this weighty trend.


Ready for things to get heavy? See our picks to bring the trend to your space below.


Taking cues from Memphis design, modern sculpture and childlike whimsy, this trend is all about an array of colors and dynamic elements. Playful accessories and a mix of bright textiles, accessories and geometric shapes create a sense of fun and a design that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We predict fun and funky design elements will make their way into other design styles as well.


Wanna get playful? You can see our colorful picks to bring some fun home below.


When it comes to stone, big, bold patterns will reign this year. Whether it’s a countertop, shower surround or furniture base, it’s all about marble in large scale patterns with unique veining and colors. (We’re particularly fond of Panda White Marble.)  You’ll also see lots of mixing of different stones in contrasting colors and scales to create so super dynamic moments.

Design: Studio Ezra


Materials with a handmade feel will get a modern redo this year when interpreted in simple shapes and clean lines. The last few years there has been a big focus on product that feels handmade and not produced in a factory and this year it’s getting slightly more modern and refined look to it. Glazed tiles, rough hewn ceramics, and woven objects all in an earthy color palette feel fresh and modern when paired down to the basics. For walls, plaster and lime wash finishes will echo the hand done approach.


Time for a handmade touch? See our picks to shop the trend below.

Design: TRNK


Ecclectic design is going extra this year, with an even more dramatic mixture of different styles than it has in the past. Most notably, the juxtaposition of ultra-modern furniture with vintage accessories with a handmade feel. This year will be all about the contrast of clean lines with collected items to tell a unique and personal story in a space. Gone are the days of one room having all of the pieces from one specific style as 2020 we predict will bring us a lot of rooms that are filled to the brim with many different style pieces all working together.



Don’t be a square! Get ready to round things out in 2020 with an abundance of arches making their way into designs this year. From architectural elements, like doorways and windows, to furniture pieces, accessories, tile, and lighting, the arch is the shape that’s showing up just about everywhere. And though the arch has been around for centuries, it’s being interpreted in lots of unique and fresh ways.


Feel like bringing some arches to your abode? Keep scrolling to shop the trend.

  1. I am obsessing over this arch trend that you are talking about. I love that little bunk bed situation so much! Can’t wait to see more of these this year.

  2. As a person that loves to collect things from so many different styles I love that you are calling out the eclectic look. Bring on the STUFF! – Kaitlin

  3. Can you tell me where I can purchase the eyeball in the Playfull Design room?