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Designing a Dream Kitchen with Corian® Design

What happens when you are tasked with designing a kitchen for a client that lets you do whatever you want? Well – let me introduce you to said client, Corian® Design.

You may have heard the name before, but Corian® Design is a brand that prides themselves on creating a product that is beautiful, functional and will last a lifetime… literally. Last year they reached out about working together to create a kitchen that not only showed off the versatility of their Solid Surface and Quartz materials but also used some of their newest colors. 

It was obviously an easy yes for us.

Free reign to do what we wanted in a kitchen, using a product that can virtually be used on just about any surface or in any application, yes please. Sounds like any designer’s dream.

Corian® Design started the process off by giving my own face a makeover (I, kid). But they did pull from some of the Corian® Design materials we used in the kitchen to create this portrait of me, and I do have to say seeing myself in all Corian® Design based materials is pretty entertaining and lovely at the same time. Just like the portrait, their products can be combined to fit you and your own personal style, for me that includes the perfect swooping leaf as my bangs.

But let’s get into the kitchen that we designed with them. They gave us carte blanche to create something special using their Corian® Solid Surface and Corian® Quartz materials. For those of you not familiar with the materials, their Corian® Solid Surface is thermoformed (meaning you can have them curved into any shape you want), translucent, which means you can allow light to pass through them, as well as being totally customizable in over 138 colors. Talk about limitless possibilities. No matter your style, home, or project, they have something that can work for you and your space.

For this kitchen, we combined their Corian® Quartz Versilia Grigio and Corian® Solid Surface Deep Anthracite and Carbon Concrete to create something unique. For the counters we used their Corian® Quartz, which is an ideal candidate for countertops as it is non-porous, stain resistant, and survives the impact of nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear, minimizing short and long-term maintenance.

It’s a project that we had so much fun creating, and come back in a few months for another project (or 4) that I am very excited about. In the meantime, head on over to Corian® Design to check out some of their new colors, like this lovely (and versatile) Corian® Solid Surface Neutral Aggregate seen here.

  1. I love all your posts. You have done great job

  2. Great kitchen design , but why have island seats facing the cabinets, instead of what appears to be a beautiful view of the city?

  3. I love how you combined Corian solid surface and quartz together. Great to see multiple products and colors combined for the kitchen.

    1. Thanks so much for reading – The Corian Quartz is a dream! xx -B