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Did Adele Just Predict The Newest Interior Design Trend?

Interior design trends are inspired by just about anything and everything you could imagine. And this fall, it looks like one of the world’s biggest pop stars may have predicted the newest one – courtesy of her monochromatic new music video. Filled with shades of burgundy, oxblood, and maroon, Adele’s “Easy On Me” has got us excited for this rich, autumnal shade. And we think you’re about to see this soon-to-be trendy tone a whole lot more (just like Adele herself). 

With 90 million views and counting, Adele’s newest video “Easy On Me” got everyone talking after its premiere last week. And for some of us, it wasn’t just the singer’s impressive high notes that had us swooning – it was also the stunning shade that pops up towards the end. While the video begins in a nostalgic black and white, it then dramatically switches to a saturated shade of burgundy, from the walls to curtains (and even Adele’s outfit). And we couldn’t help but think this color might just be as big as the star herself, making its way into furniture decor, accessories, and lots of interiors very soon.



Want to see 14 easy ways you can incorporate the color inspired by “Easy On Me” into your interior? Keep scrolling for all our picks – and watch the inspiration for it all below. 

  1. how do you know if a room can take a deep color on the walls.

  2. How we cannot be inspired by Adele’s complete and utter amazingness. I think she is one of the best entertainers EVER.. Now I am a neutral girl – blame my birth sign – so any shade of red isn’t for me, but wow is it ever stunning in that video. ♥ Rich and luscious and beautiful……… the woman herself. Lovely.

    1. I agree. She’s pretty amazing! xx -B