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Dry January: How To Do It The Right Way

Many of us choose to make resolutions to be healthier at the beginning of a new year. And embracing Dry January has become an increasingly popular choice. Whether you’re sober curious or just embracing the proven health benefits from taking a 31 day break from booze, there are smart ways to tackle this challenge – and we’re sharing them all. 

For anyone not familiar with the term, Dry January simply means consuming no alcohol for the month of January. And there are a myriad of reasons one may choose to abstain from drinking, from saving money, to increasing energy, to improving your overall health. So if you really want to make the commitment, we’ve compiled 4 smart tips to help you stick to it – and do Dry January the right way.



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1. Decide Your Motivation 

Ask yourself, why are you choosing to participate in Dry January? Is it to kickstart a healthier lifestyle or simply taking a break after December’s many holiday parties? Whatever your reason, determining this motivating factor will prove helpful in sticking to the challenge.


2. Clear Out All Your Alcohol

It might seem obvious, but it will be much easier to avoid alcohol without having it easily available. Clear your fridge of any leftover cans or bottles and empty your home bar (you can always give them to friends or family instead of tossing). It’s an easy step to eliminate the temptation to reach for a drink.



3. Commit To Your Decision

Once you’ve made the decision, commit to it by making it known. Announce it on social media and tell your friends and family. A more concrete commitment will make you feel as though it is something you really need to stick to. You can also download the Dry Days app to help stay motivated.



4. Replace Alcohol With A Healthy Alternative 

Instead of grabbing a drink, reach for a sparkling water, mocktail or just a glass of water. And If drinking is part of your social life, suggest alternative activities with friends that don’t involve alcohol, like taking a workout class or seeing a movie.