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Ecru: The Trendy Neutral Tone You Should Add To Your Space

Design: Ahlvem

If you’ve followed Bobby’s design projects over the years, you know that he loves to incorporate neutral tones. And one particular neutral color is totally having a moment (and popping up in all sorts of stylish interiors). So get ready to discover on trend Ecru – and learn how to add this subtle shade to your space. 

Neutrals have always been a staple of design. However, it wasn’t until recently that Ecru established itself as the go-to shade – and began appearing in organic modern, Scandinavian, traditional, Mid-Century, and farmhouse interiors. But if you’re still wondering “What exactly is Ecru?”, well you’re about to find out! Plus we’re showing you how to bring this neutral of the moment into your home with our favorite Ecru products.



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What Is Ecru? 

Lighter than beige, tan, or taupe and a bit darker than ivory, Ecru is often described as the color of unbleached linen. (Ecru actually comes from the French word écru, which means “unbleached”.) You may also see Ecru referred to as oatmeal, natural, or bone, and it has a totally natural, simple, and easy but elegant feel that easily translates to lots of different interior styles and products. It also works especially well as a grounding tone in a room, or as an alternative for white.

Photo: Stadshem

How To Add Ecru To Your Interior 

Recently, designers (Bobby included) have been fully embracing Ecru as the natural shade of the moment. Here are 4 easy ways you can also bring this shade into your space.


    Whether paint, a textured wallpaper, or a specialty wall treatment like limewash, Ecru will add depth and warmth to walls.


    Ecru is perfectly suited for all sorts of upholstery, from sofas to chairs, to ottomans and outdoor seating. Or bring in the soft texture through pillows, a woven rug, or gauzy linen curtains.


    For a truly soothing feeling when falling asleep (and waking up in the morning), add easy Ecru sheets or a duvet cover to your bed.


    A few Ecru accessories can add a light touch to any room. Think anything from lamps to vases, and artwork for easy ways to add a touch of this trendy tone.


  1. You truly are one of the greatest designers, I honestly don’t think I have ever seen anything you have done that I didn’t like. I can’t say that about some designers, they can be hit or miss.
    Love Love

  2. Ecru upholstery and carpets seem like a very risky color to keep clean.