Election 2020: We Want To Hear From You

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After many months of campaigning, debates, and (sometimes heated) discussions, we finally have a decision in the 2020 presidential election. And based on who you cast your ballot for, you may have spent this weekend joining celebrations across the county – or feeling a deep sense of disappointment. But regardless of your political views, it’s clear this nation faces many challenges. And in order to make any progress, we need to come together, embrace unity, and start listening to each other.  



And we want to hear from you! We know this has been an emotional election (to say the least), so let us know how you’re feeling. We want the comments section to be an open and respectful place to share your views (regardless of politics), along with your hopes for the future, and how this election has affected you, your family, and your community. With an open and honest dialogue, we can all learn – and begin to move forward. 


  1. I’m elated, but also nervous. I’m scared that the divisions in this country are too big to be bridged and that extreme partisan politics will prevent forward movement. That said, I have some hope now, and I’ve had very little the last few years.

  2. Decency and Democracy prevail!! I am stunned with the still high (way too high!) level of support Trump and the GOP has. Egads, America; wake up!

  3. We jumped for joy! Literally. J’Biden winning the election sent our spirits soaring. Then, little by little the awful and despicable lack of honor and respect for our country, and its rules and customs are chipping away at that joy. Our family is holding strong that the process will itself out and we may even attend the inauguration in DC in January. But right now we’re beginning to that sinking feeling that has penetrated for the last 4 (dismal) years.

  4. It felt like awakening from a nightmare, like I could believe in goodness and light and that evil could be vanquished. It felt like love won, and hate failed.

  5. When I heard the news of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ success, I literally burst into tears. I’d been holding my breath for I don’t know how long. It felt like a reign of terror was coming to a close. To hear Parisian church bells ringing and see fireworks in the London sky brought home how much we have to celebrate with this win. PTSD from these past four years is a real thing. Looking forward to cleaning and healing our national wounds so ALL Americans can feel safe and loved.

  6. I’m relieved. I’m also very excited that Kamala Harris is the VP. I think once we get passed whatever mess Trump will create before he gets dragged out of the White House, many protection and rights will be re-established or safe. I am very concerned about the senate and very pissed that Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnel will still have influence. They are a nightmare. There is a great deal of work to do. Though I am very happy, we cannot go back to the way thing we’re even before Trump. We must work to protect our black brothers and sisters, trans family and immigrants. We have to do better. White American has to do better.💜

  7. Hi Bobby! I’ve actually reached out before incase you’re hiring designers- I have an educational background in interior design, but have been using CAD doing themed entertainment design (theme parks, museums, etc.) and lighting design since 2013. This election affected me greatly – I was let go at the beginning of quarantine, and my field of work (entertainment) will be last to resume. It’s scary, depressing, and anxiety-inducing to not know when (or what) I will be doing for paid work… and with no plan close to being passed, money is running out. Biden’s win was honestly one of my last hopes. While I am relieved, I am so saddened that 71+ million people somehow forgave what has happened every day of the past 4 years. I know the future will require a lot of work. But I feel much more at ease knowing Joe Biden is our president-elect, and excited for Kamala Harris to show the world how far women of color can go. I know my chances of a healthy and successful future are much better with them being guaranteed to lead the country for our next 4 years.

  8. I feel hopeful; grateful to everyone who have worked so hard to educate themselves and others and have voted to see their highest values represented by our government, and ready to keep working. I feel more patriotic than ever, even while I feel some alienation from, and incredulity about, voters on the other side. At the same time, I can start to imagine that the truths of climate science and racial injustice might be too daunting and enormous for many people to face. Perhaps it was easier to be lied to, and they just need a little more courage, which is something to which all humans can relate. I think it’s extraordinary to live in a moment in which our choices mean so much. I’m also starting the work of releasing four years of anxiety, and think that it may be slow, but I’m the single mom of a happy, young boy, so my motivations are high.

  9. The bitterness and anger that marked this election must stop. We badly need to re-learn civility, cooperation and community for us to have hope. That starts with each of us as individuals.

    1. Verlinda – I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you.

      (oh and BTW – I love your name! Who knew that just adding 3 letters to the beginning of my name could make it so much more fun!)

  10. Being Brazilian, this election meant a lot for us – and all I can feel is relief and hope.

  11. The challenges facing our country right now require us to come together, to listen to each other, to “hear” each other, and to try to heal together. This means re-examining the roles our government-national, state, and local- could play and should play in American’s lives.

    The Constitution of the United States of America is an historic document that has been a guiding principle for our young country, but interpreting that document today should be tempered with an understanding of what this country was founded upon, and the challenges faced at that time, in comparison with the challenges faced by us today.

    As a country, we cannot move forward unless we can accept and atone for our past misdeeds. This includes the facts that we stole this land; we treated human beings as if they were sub-human and still do if they don’t fit into an ancient mold; we meddled in other country’s politics and lost many lives over it; we keep our least-advantaged people down instead propping up those born into wealth and power leading to obscene wealth next to obscene poverty; we allow chemicals into our food supply and drinking water and then we lie to our own citizens about the dangers these chemicals pose to their health; and we deny our entire role in the decimation of our own planet.
    It is time for change. Owning up and taking responsibility for the past is crucial to the bridging needed.

    Once that has been accepted, we next must, MUST, bring some sort of alliance of countries with pledges to ensure that cooperation rules in order to have a planet left for future generations. The answer to the future lies within us right here, right now.

    We must remember that we “hire” our politicians, and that they need to protect and serve us. They need to remember that their first obligation is to our planet, our world, and our global citizens. We must take care of each other. We must educate our citizens and give each person the power to succeed. We must accept that we live in a different historic time period, and we must adapt, accept others, and grow.

  12. I believe that this country needs to start exercising respect for each other again. It’s more than okay to disagree with someone’s views, but we (and I am including myself) don’t have to personally attack someone for those views. But, if I see or hear of someone being persecuted because of the color of their skin, who they love, who they worship, or any other reason we find to make issues “me vs. you” or “us vs. them” then I want to fight. But the fight is not for me, but for others! Lift others up! Want to be remembered? Be the help that someone else is praying for. They will never forget you. Once we start doing that, I’ll guarantee that a lot of these issues go away.

  13. I’m tentatively excited for our future. I won’t be 100% excited until Biden and Harris are in their offices. Even then, there is a lot of hard work coming and a lot of healing a broken nation.

  14. The election results left me hopeful and with a feeling that positive change is around the corner.
    I’m disheartened that there has been a lack of yes, good manners and sportmanship from the losing side, and feel our country could use a revival in ethics and kindness.
    Still hopeful and proud that we will have a woman and woman of color serving as vice president of the US.

  15. I’m thrilled that Joe & Kamala have been elected. My child recently came out as transgender and we need to start treating all people equal. Love is love!

  16. I am a domestic abuse survivor. My abuser was a malignant narcissist. So for the past 4 years, with every tweet or abusive, bullying comment that I read or heard, abusive flashbacks surfaced. Words and actions that I have worked for almost 10 years to completely quash…flooding back. So for me, for my children, for my grandchildren, I needed to have a positive future presented. When I saw those electoral votes soar past 270, I cried a healing wash of relief, that maybe those flashbacks will now be permanently silenced, and we all may heal.

  17. Good has prevailed after 4 exhausting years. If we could all please lead the charge by example with civility…its needs to make a come back and starts with each of our individual acceptance of each other leading from love. God loves variety – let us embrace it in each other with kindness and regard for our fellow neighbors. More than anything I believe for us now its starts with willingly wearing a mask! Please lives depend on it.

  18. Thsi election and the fall out that continues from it make me realize how fragile our democracy is, and how our education system has failed millions of Americans, who are unable to think critically, and soft fact from wish.
    The constitution was a good document when it was written, but that was centuries ago. We need to address urgently issues of the electoral college, term limits, and requiring integrity and decency from our elected officials.
    Equally importantly, we need to honestly face and correct the gaping issues that threaten to tear America apart-racism, misogeny, educational and economic inequality and restore a faith based on a truly great country. Truth, decency and fairness.

  19. I won’t relax until Biden is sworn in. Due to the mishandling of the pandemic, I lost my jobs back at the end of May. I am still looking. Meanwhile, I decided to use some of my downtime to take the first steps in establishing a non-profit organization. My focus is on abuse survivors and helping them with the skills like communication and self-awareness they need. I also plan to have a community education program helping people to recognize signs of grooming and abuse. I host a podcast and I am a contributor to a book that will be published in the near future. I’ve received my 501c3 designation. Now I need to put together a board of directors and find grants and other funding. So I remain hopeful and positive.

  20. Cautiously hopeful.
    Feel like we are all experiencing an EXTREME version of the 5 stages of grief/loss, and we just need to take a deep breath and let the current administration tire themselves out.

  21. I’m heartbroken that so many Americans still believe in backwards things. I (we) deserve the right to control my body, to have access to affordable healthcare and birth control. I (we) deserve to love who we love. I (we) deserve to be treated equally. And more than anything I’m sick and tired of feeling like no one cares about our planet. None of anything else will EVER matter if we ruin our planet.
    And I’m tired, I’m so tired of having to argue and argue with people who I feel are so selfish and so righteous but in the same breath are spouting Bible verses. It breaks me. This isn’t a representation of God but this is what everyone sees and hears. I’m so pleased that we are headed in a good direction but I’m so resentful that we aren’t there already. It is 2020 not 1950, can we just all get behind all of that ^^^^ and wear a darn mask and be decent people already. 😣

  22. As a family of 4, 3 of whom are AFAB males; and all of whom are autistic we are in so many ways affected by his insecurities. For me it’s been a case of paying enough attention to be aware, while also learning how to be the Dad they need me to be. We celebrated with the knowledge that now the foundation work begins to create a world that works for everyone; one of the reasons I like being able to homeschool our kids.

    I’d also, if I may, like to take this moment to thank you (and the rest of the Fab 5) for helping to be a catalyst for myself, my husband, and James our eldest realizing that we are trans. Timing is everything, a little over a year ago now we were watching “Sky’s the limit”, I had seen Skylar’s episode before but Jeremiah had not… He was in tears, and that’s when the memories started coming back. (A month later I had my moment, we are now 9 months on T.

    Sorry for the long winded ramble, but I’ve been working up how to reach out to say thank you, and this was too good to pass up.

    All our love, The Von Brandt family

  23. I’ve realized recently that I’ve never truly felt like I belonged in the US due to my race and sexual orientation. Patriotism always felt foreign and hollow to me, even as a kid. But this weekend, I genuinely *felt* like an American for the first time, like I belonged in those colorful groups of cheering, dancing, singing, crying people in the streets. Even from overseas, I looked at those outbursts of celebration, so uniquely American, and thought, “That shit is mine.” A thought I’ve never had before!!
    We’ve got a long long way to go, but now I know I can come back to my home country and help fix it without fearing actual fascism from the top. I belong there.

  24. As a non-American I’m watching in amazement to what is happening in your country and the entire world for that matter. Where has common sense gone? Can’t we just agree that not all is are the same and that it’s okay. I recently watched a documentary about RBG and how she and judge Scalia where friends despite their total opposite views. I live in the Netherlands where tolerance is high, and here we generally accept that we are all different. At the moment we are also experiencing some issues with conspiracy thinkers but that is largely related to the weird times we’re living in with a pandemic going on. Can’t we just be kind to one another and look for common ground? We are not all the same and that it’s okay, there is no reason to hate differences. It’s what makes us interesting as a species and who knows what you can learn from each other…. Much Love!

  25. In response to the election results: My immediate circle of friends and I are feeling relieved and joyful that Joe Biden has been elected president. We are even more excited that Kamala Harris has won the vice presidential election and made history by breaking barriers.

    However, Biden was not my first choice in Democratic candidate. Harris was my second top choice. While I trust that both of them will lead this country with expertise and bring us into a brighter future, I am going to continue to hold my government leaders accountable. I am going to continue to march, speak up, and participate in our democracy because our country’s citizens are entitled to do so.

  26. I am SO relieved to be FINISHED with Trump. He is a horrible man. He cannot get out of the White House quickly enough. Good Riddance.

  27. Emotional to say the least! To know that Biden won should be the end of the nightmare where we was a country can move on from this failed experiment of the 45th president. But instead that sense of hopelessness and dread continues to invade my waking thoughts. 70 million people in this country still voted for a homophobic, racist, misogynist liar and that scares me to my very core. Will I see a civil war in my lifetime? The entire last four years has consistently and constantly been an us versus them mentality and that scares me. When we can strip away the humanity of our fellow Americans what are we left with? I’m a single mom to a beautiful 4 year old boy and I look at him and wonder how much longer will he know peace? And then my heart hurts even more for the millions of Americans who, by virtue of only their skin color, have never known peace. And I am ashamed. As much as I want my son to have a good, stable, and secure life, I know just as many people who may never have that option. It tears my heart in two and I feel so powerless to help. When this pandemic began and I saw doctors and nurses dying at an alarming rate I made the decision to go back to school to become a nurse. I knew my community would need more help and I had also been reading more articles on POC fatalities in the healthcare sphere. It felt like I was being called to help in this manner. I want to serve everyone who walks through the door with equal compassion and care, regardless of any other qualifier or identifier because even though I haven’t taken the vow yet I strongly believe in the ‘Do No Harm creed. It may not be a lot and it certainly isn’t enough but I hope it’s a place I can start. I just want to be a part of the healing, not the problem. And I love the idea of fourms like this, so people can express themselves and see that maybe there are more similarities than there are differences. I hope my son, and all the little innocent humans out there will know a world of peace. I just hope we corrected ourselves in time.

  28. This election really caused a lot of turmoil for me. I have a trans son and a non-binary young adult. Marriage equality is of great concern and just the thought that it could be taken away has caused despair, depression and rage. We live in area with lots of trump supporters and seeing that everywhere put me in a state of anger every day. I don’t how we’re going to reconcile the huge differences we have with the other side. I found out one my friends at work voted for trump and I feel betrayed. I had no idea that he supported such fucked up ideas. I don’t think we can be friends, but shit this is awkward. We’re not even supposed to talk about politics at work and I see why, now. I will always fight for my kids and I’m an activist. Black Lives Matter! Black trans lives matter! Fuck all those fascists and all the stupid people who don’t even know what is going on! Tons of young people who are old enough to vote don’t even bother to pay attention and care what is going on in the world. I guess I’m still processing my rage at this point. Thanks for asking. Love you.

  29. Leading up to the election was very uncomfortable for, and I know many others. I could feel it, being empathic it was so difficult feeling the very strong emotions from what felt like everyone. The world was strained. I was overjoyed to hear the results, but I am very nervous. This country is so very divided. It is my hope that we can work to reach some kind of middle ground. I’m not really sure how or if it’s possible. I’m willing to put in the work though! I’m holding onto this newfound hope and putting it where it needs to go so help drive us to a better place, far from these last four years.

  30. I’m nauseously optimistic and cautiously relieved. Only a month ago, a Michigan anti-government group plotted to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. For the first time in history, an incumbent president is refusing to concede after clearly and indisputably losing a presidential election. Government health officials are being thwarted or dismissed. Our democracy is actually, factually still under attack. I encourage people to remain vigilant and consider working to flip the senate by helping Ossoff and Warnock get elected in Georgia.

  31. On Tuesday, I felt so nervous even though Biden had a lead. I was feeling very anxious, but slowly I started feeling better as Biden’s lead grew and Trump was falling behind. When Joe Biden officially one Pennsylvania, I felt so good on that Saturday. It was also nice to see so many people happy and celebrate safely in the streets. The images of people dancing, laughing, and exhale was overwhelming. We really needed a win this year, and we actually got it. Of course the fight is not over, but at least now we have a president that won’t stand in the way of progress. I actually feel hopeful for the future and we can actually do something about covid, climate change and racial injustice.

  32. Relieved, but also apprehensive. It’s obvious that we are a country divided right now. Too many extremists and people who are not willing to listen with an open heart and mind. We must all delve deep and really think about how we present ourselves to others, and start listening to other perspectives to fully understand what is happening in this country. We can turn it around or it can go very badly in another direction.

  33. I am relieved. I am also very sad that during this election cycle I learned that many in my family do not share the same beliefs or values as me. I was called names and labeled for my beliefs and values. There was no attempt at conversation to learn about each other’s choices. Very disappointed. But I gained new friends who share my beliefs and values and for this I am grateful.

    Love you Bobby!

  34. I am thrilled by the Biden-Harris win, but nervous about Trump and his supporters in the White House who refuse to acknowledge the outcome and help with the transition. I have cried with relief for my family and friends who are in ethnic communities or in the LGBTQ communities. And living in the PNW, I worry about stupid white men with guns….but I fought for democracy to prevail and I will fight for it to be a reality.

  35. I’ve read all of the posts so far and the sense of relief coupled with trepidation is palpable. I’d love to hear ideas from everyone about how we think we can help bridge the chasm.

    I know we as a country, must get a grip on this insidious virus first. The very denial of its existence has been frightening. I met a woman and child who happened to overhear me speaking with another person about my concern over the spike in cases in my area, and she said,”You don’t have to worry about it if you stay healthy and take zinc and vitamin C”. I thought for a moment, and then with empathy in my voice and my eyes said, “I wish it was that simple….I’ve lost too many people in my own sphere most of whom were strong and healthy individuals prior to Covid”. I watched the color drain from her face, and I said, “I do understand that if where you live and work and congregate, you’ve not experienced anyone who this has affected, so I can see why you could think it’s just another political thing. I really wish that was what this is, and I hope you never have to experience this loss. Please stay healthy.”

    I think it at least made her stop for a moment, and consider my experience as a real one. Perhaps that’s a part of the solution?

    We do tend to surround ourselves with like-minded people because we feel more comfortable. We also as humans, probably feel most comfortable using denial as a coping mechanism. Perhaps those who deny the very existence of Racism, Sexuality that differs from their own, Climate change, and all the other divisive issues are doing so because they mentally can’t face them? I don’t know, but maybe it’s worth prioritizing the issues, and gently, slowly, prod, rather than fighting and clashing?

    I find these issues to be very deep-seated within us, and I’ve personally been wracking my brain with how to proceed so that the next 4 years can be as productive as possible.

    Anyone have any thoughts?