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Feeling Inspired: Our Latest Project Inspiration + A Look Into Our Design Process

With lots of exciting design projects and content in the works, things have been very busy with the Bobby Berk team! And today we want to give you a sneak peek into the process of how the inspiration for a design project comes together.  

Every design project begins differently, but generally, a design style or concept is the starting point and where everything builds out from. Whether that is a few photos that a client has that inspires them or a more defined look and feel that comes to us from a builder for a model home. As we mentioned earlier we’ve got some very fun projects coming up and while we’ve been busy sourcing away we wanted to pass along some of the inspiration we’ve been gathering.


Here’s a look at some of the images that have shaped that project and the process of how we compile that inspiration to create a realized concept. If you don’t already follow, click through here to follow along what we are currently pinning on pinterest and see everything else we are currently inspired by.



The design process begins with the team pulling (and pinning) a large amount of images. There are no real rules for this, anything and everything could work and be pinned in this first stage.  From details to colors stories to look and feel. We start broad and then narrow it in. To do this we then sit down and review everything, removing images that no longer work and consolidating down the remaining images into a group that will help tell the “story” of the design.

It’s a collaborative process with the team and as we eliminate we start seeing a common thread coming through from the pictures that are left. Think of it as a “what doesn’t belong here: design edition”.

After we feel good about the images that we have remaining we then move into creating a concept board which will be presented to the client for review. The concept board wholistically creates on one board a selection of our inspiration images as well as some materials that we suggest. Creating a look and feel for the project. From there we will make additional revisions based on feedback until we get to a place where the design starts to take shape. That is when the fun part starts!

So, what do you think this project is going to look like? Any guesses?

Design: Kara Valent
Design: The Ranch Mine

  1. where did you get the write on/wipe off vision board for Kan on Queer Eye, Japan? I need a boho minimalist version!