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Get Rid Of These 6 Things To Instantly Feel More Organized

There’s no magic solution that will instantly get your home organized. (Sorry!) But there is a simple step you can take to clear out the clutter – and it means saying bye-bye to lots of everyday items you’re no longer using. Learning to let go can make a big difference towards a more functional home – and we’re showing you 6 places to start.

When it comes to getting organized, what you remove from your home is just as important as what you add. And that’s why getting rid of unused items is a great place to start. You’ll not only be tackling one of the most common sources of clutter, but you’ll also be making room for items you really love. So get your recycling bin ready as we share the items and areas you’ll want to start clearing out. Keep scrolling to see the 6 items you should be recycling or donating today (for a more organized tomorrow).



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1. Mismatched Food Containers & Tupperware 

If you regularly order takeout, chances are your cabinets are crammed with a collection of mismatched containers.  And having nonfunctional storage options isn’t doing you any favors. So take some time to sort through what you have and recycle what’s no longer needed. You can also donate any pots, pans, or cookware that you’re not using as well.


If you’ve also got a growing pile of plastic silverware from food orders, collect it all in a storage bag and use for your next picnic or backyard bar-b-que.



2. Unused Chargers & Cords

With so many electronic items in our homes (and our lives) you’re bound to accumulate a drawerful of chargers and cords. While keeping them all in one spot is smart, you can also take inventory of everything you have and clear out the ones you don’t need (or you’re not sure what they’re even for). Also, consider taking your organization to the next level by labeling all your cords for confusion-free charging.



Broken electronic items, from cell phones to cords to cameras, can all be recycled for free at any Best Buy location.

Photo: Un-Fancy

3. Unworn Clothing & Accessories

Digging through a cluttered closet is no way to start your day. So set aside some time for a twice-a-year cleanout (especially if you’re a serious shopper). We advise going through each category of clothing individually and separating items into keep and toss piles. In the end, you might be surprised how many items you can live without – and how much space you’ve freed up.


Unworn items in good condition can be re-sold through Poshmark or ThredUp (and earn you cash for items that were otherwise just cluttering your closet).



4. Magazines & Random Paperwork

The #1 culprit for cluttering counters and desks? Piles of paperwork. But with a simple weekly review of everything you’ve accumulated, you can easily put these piles straight in the recycling bin. Don’t forget to also unload old magazines, newspapers, or any other paper products before they start crowding your coffee table too.



Old credit card statements, bills, or any paperwork with personal info can easily be shredded with these handy scissors for added security.

5. Expired Food Items

Keeping a well-organized pantry or fridge also means keeping stock of what’s gone bad. A few moments to sort through cans, containers, and drawers to check for expired items will keep your kitchen functioning at its best (and avoid some unpleasant odors too).



To recycle glass or plastic bottles, be sure to thoroughly wash them first (otherwise they will end up in the landfill). You can also cut a plastic container in half to more easily access and remove any leftover food residue.


6. Old Bath & Dish Towels

Any stained or ripped towels that might be stuffed in the back of your linen closet can also get purged. They’ll help free up some space for other essentials and can even get a second life as a cleaning rag.



Donate old towels to an animal shelter, where they can be put to good use taking care of our furry friends.


  1. I love this kitchen design! It would work so well in my kitchen! Thank you for showing us this.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Hope these tips helped you with better organization in the kitchen. Sending lots of love xx -B

  2. Great idea to recycle old chargers at Best Buy. I have a huge pile in a drawer and felt bad about throwing them out.

    1. Same! I never knew what to do with all my extra chargers. Thanks so much for reading! xx- B

  3. I’ve sold a lot of my old clothing through Poshmark- great resource. Also Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads are great for resale too.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Love both of those consignment shops too. xx -B

  4. I wish my closet looked that organized! I try and purge a few times a year but it always ends up being super crowded again. 🙁

    1. You can get there! Try organizing one shelf or part of the closet at a time and really make use of those bins & boxes. xx -B