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Getting The Best Rest: 6 Highly Rated Bed Pillows (For Every Sleep Position)

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We’ve talked a lot about what it takes to get a good night’s sleep. But one thing in particular can separate a sleepless night from a blissful slumber: the proper pillow.  Finding the right option for your sleep style means more quality shut-eye (and a more energized you in the morning). So to help you find your perfect pillow, we’ve combed through lots and lots of real-world reviews to find the pillows that will work best for every type of rest. 



Bed pillows are definitely not a one size fits all item. Lots of different components come into play – from firmness to fill – to determine what will work best for you and your rest. And after searching through memory foam, hypoallergenic, cooling, and super supportive options, we found some great options for a good night’s sleep (that also happen to be affordable too).  So get ready to get 40 winks – without spending more than $40!


Keep scrolling to see 6 of the best-reviewed pillows that work for every type of sleeper – all for under $40.


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Best Overall Pillow


Beckham Hotel Collection Cooling Gel Bed Pillow


REVIEWS: 4.5 Stars, 119,000

BEST FOR: Side, Stomach & Back Sleepers

WHY WE LOVE IT: Besides having an incredible 78,000 5 Star reviews, this pillow packs so much appeal (for all types of sleepers). Made of gel-filled fibers, they won’t shift or loose their shape, are fade and stain-resistant, and are designed to keep you nice and cool. And on top of it all, they’re at a price that won’t make you lose any sleep either!


BUY HERE for $40 (for pair)

Best Memory Foam Pillow


WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow


REVIEWS: 4.5 Stars, 19,000

BEST FOR: Side Sleepers

 WHY WE LOVE IT: Memory foam has become a popular option for bedtime thanks to its super supportive and body-forming qualities. And this pillow takes everything you love about foam – and adds one extra special (and cooling) touch: a series of ventilated holes that optimizes air circulation and helps regulate your body temperature. So your head is not only comfortably cradled, but it’s also going to stay cool.


BUY HERE for $30


Best Down Alternative Pillow


Amazon Basics Down-Alternative Pillow


REVIEWS: 4.5 Stars, 19,000

BEST FOR: Stomach Sleepers

 WHY WE LOVE IT: Stomach sleepers are often confronted with a particular conundrum: how to find a pillow that’s supportive, without being uncomfortably full or firm. Luckily, this pillow hits the sweet spot right in between, offering softness that won’t leave you in an uncomfortable position. Plus, hypoallergenic faux down means a more eco and allergy-friendly option (and you won’t get poked by and feathers either).


BUY HERE for $28 (for pair)


Best Cooling Pillow


Shredded Memory Foam Cooling Bamboo Pillow


REVIEWS: 4.5 Stars, 9,000

BEST FOR: Stomach, Side & Back Sleepers

 WHY WE LOVE IT: If bedtime usually means you’re burning up, look no further than this clever and comfortable option. Filled with shredded memory foam, it won’t trap any excess heat while you’re catching zzzzzs – meaning you’re not going to wake up in a pool of sweat. And for a more personalized sleep experience, you can also add or remove foam from an inner pouch to get just the right amount of support.



BUY HERE for $37

Best Neck Support Pillow


EPABO Contour Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow


REVIEWS: 4 Stars, 23,000

BEST FOR:  Side & Back Sleepers

 WHY WE LOVE IT: Nothing can ruin a morning quite like waking up with a stiff neck. And an unsupportive pillow is usually the culprit. To keep yourself fully supported, try this functional foam option that’s curved to align your head, neck, shoulder, and back. And if you feel like you’re overly supported (is that possible?), you can even remove a layer of foam too.


BUY HERE for $40



Best Down Pillow


Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather Pillow


REVIEWS: 4 stars, 12,000

BEST FOR: Side & Back Sleepers

 WHY WE LOVE IT: Down pillows are the classic (and gold standard) for a reason. Nothing is quite as comfy and oh-so-soft as this luxe material. And this plush option has all the comfort of your favorite hotel – for half the price. Reviewers also really appreciated the gusset design- which keeps this pillow fluffier and more supportive than ever- even after many nights of slumber.


BUY HERE for $40 (for pair)