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The Hanger Hacks That Will Transform Your Closet

Chances are, your closet could be doing a lot more to help you stay organized. Even if it seems small, crowded or overstuffed, there are ways to create space and give every item in your wardrobe a dedicated area. And we’re about to reveal 3 ways to do it – using only your existing hangers! Get ready for the hanger hacks that will transform your closet. (Yes, really!)  

Having an abundance of space isn’t essential to create an organized closet (although it certainly is nice!) What you really need are smart ideas to give your hangers new life and a bit of time to implement them. That’s it! So let us show you the hanger hacks that will transform your closet from messy to marvelous!



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HNAGER Hacks That Will Transform Your Closet

1. Stack To Store More 

Struggling to find hanging space for all your clothes? This hack will give you a whole lot more space. While most of us utilize just a single row of hangers on the bar, you can easily stack hangers by connecting multiple together with this simple add on. Just attach up to 5 hangers on and they will hang down in a row – freeing up several (valuable) inches.


HANGER Hacks That Will Transform Your Closet

2. Add Rings For Accessories

A humble hanger can be transformed into a multi-purpose storage solution – by simply adding shower rings! Those simple rings that hold up your shower curtain will give you space to hang scarves, hats, bags or other small items that a regular hanger normally would not accommodate. Just clip them onto the bottom, and you’ve got a whole new use!


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Organizational Hacks That Will Transform Your Closet

3. Hang Sweaters With A Smart Fold

Didn’t think you could hang a sweater without stretching it? We discovered a smart method for folding any delicate knit that will keep it in perfect condition. First, fold your sweater in half vertically. Then lay the hanger on top of sweater with the hook next to the armpit crease. Fold the body and the sleeves of the sweater over the hanger. (Watch the video below to see the steps in action!)

@acleanbee how to hang your sweaters without puckering the shoulders! #laundry #sweaterweather #4yp #foryoupage ♬ Laundry – Sturgeon General