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Hilton Carter For Target: Bobby’s 12 Favorite Pieces From The New Collection

Plants have the power to totally transform your home. And no one understands that more than plant lover, author, and stylist Hilton Carter. With a great eye and a green thumb, he knows how to make a space come alive with nature. And lucky for you, he also has a brand new collection with Target (that’s out today) with lots of pieces to go green in style. 


We’ve selected some of our favorite pieces from the collection to help you get growing, show off your favorite plants, and even a few faux options for those who might not have the greenest of thumbs. And these options are totally affordable too, with pieces starting at just $10. So don’t wait, because unlike a faux plant, these items won’t last forever!

Keep scrolling to see 12 pieces that are perfect for planting or adding a green touch to your home (all for under $30)


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Coiled Stoneware Planter 

A sculptural planter will make any bit of greenery stand out.


BUY HERE for $20





Faux Potted Ponytail Palm

This playful ponytail palm has plenty of personality – and will make a unique addition to any surface.



BUY HERE for $25





Wall Mount Plant Stem Holder

Place your latest plant cutting or a pretty stem in this cute wall-mounted holder.



BUY HERE for $10



Garden Sheers With Leather Pouch

Grab these stylish sheers with a handsome leather pouch and pruning your plants will never look better!



BUY HERE for $15






Ceramic Footed Saucer

Highlight a grouping of your favorite greenery on this modern speckled white stand.



BUY HERE for $15






Gold Watering Can 

A glimmering god can (with leather-wrapped handle) is a better way to water your plant babies.



BUY HERE for $25





Wall Mounted Stoneware Planter

This clever wall-mounted planter is a great space-saving solution for adding greenery to balconies or any small space.



BUY HERE for $20





Amber Glass Plant Mister 

A funky glass mister makes spritzing plants more fun.



BUY HERE for $20





Black Stoneware Planter

Get graphic with a sleek planter that packs a visual punch.



BUY HERE for $10





Faux Umbrella Plant

At 22 inches high, this umbrella plant can make a sculptural statement where you place it.



BUY HERE for $25





Gold Metal Scalloped Stand

Give your plant a glam place to grow by placing it on this groovy stand.



BUY HERE for $15





Black Iron Terrarium 

Opt for this modern terrarium and create your own tabletop greenhouse.



BUY HERE for $30