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Hispanic Heritage Month: Our Favorite Hispanic American Makers & Brands

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month! Every year from September 15 to October 15, we recognize the contributions and profound influence of Hispanic Americans in the United States. From our history to culture to national achievements, this group has left its impact on every area of our lives – including the design world! So to pay tribute, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Hispanic American makers & brands.

Hispanic American refers to anyone with ancestors from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. As 18% of the US population, this growing minority group has been making its voice heard through music, art, fashion, interior design, and as the creators of some stylish products. So let us show the 11 Hispanic American makers & brands you’ll want to know (and shop!)


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Photo: Cuyana


A Los Angeles-based clothing brand focusing on loungewear, founded by two sisters.


Carina Guevara

An artist who creates an array of products featuring her colorful and unique style.



A husband and wife-owned business selling handmade rugs produced by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.



Handcrafted and artisan-made home decor.



A beauty brand featuring oils and balms made from organic and all-natural ingredients.



Stylish and minimal leather bags, accessories, clothing, and small goods.



Apparel and accessories featuring empowering and uplifting messages.


Colorful and dynamic art prints featuring female portraits and figures.



Candle line where every numbered scent features a crystal and corresponds to unique numerological assets.



Sustainably sourced products like soaps, incense, oils, and home decor from Latin American artisans.



In addition to a collection of vintage clothing, this shop also features handmade candles and ceramics under the label Decor Ate Me.