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Home Gym Equipment Worth Investing In

When Dewey and I bought our new home one of our first priorities was getting some home gym equipment. We love being able to just walk outside, put on our own music, and get in a good workout from the comfort of our own home.

It can save you time and money after your first initial investment in equipment. Plus, it cuts out the excuse of not wanting to get up and go to the gym. So I asked my trainer Zach to share with you some of his top picks for putting together your own home gym! Here are all the items you need to kickstart your at-home workouts.

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We’ve already shown you how versatile a kettlebell can be here. For me this is one of the best investments you can make for home workout gear. Whether you’re looking to shred, put on muscle, or just move better there are tons of exercises you can do with a kettlebell to hit that goal. We’ll keep posting more ideas here and on social media, so go grab yourself one and get ready to sweat!

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TRX Straps

You may have seen them in your gym, but they’re also perfect for home use! TRX was created by a Navy Seal so that he could work out anywhere (and if it’s good enough for the Seals it’s good enough for me). It stands for Total Resistance eXercise and they use a concept called suspension training. Basically, you use your own bodyweight for resistance, so you can set up anywhere in seconds and be ready to go. I’ve even taken a set to the park and hooked it to a tree. There’s not a muscle group you can’t target with these and it’s really easy to modify for whatever your fitness level.

Resistance bands

Want to build a better build a better butt? Of course you do! A set of round resistance bands are perfect for getting a good lower body burn at home. You can also get yourself a set of longer bands with handles that will be great for upper body or core movements. Not only are these ideal for a home gym, but they’re easy to pack in a bag when you’re traveling, too. I like this pack from Target which comes with three different strengths, so the stronger you get the more you can step it up without having to replace equipment!


Dumbbells are a staple in every gym for a reason, because they work. I’m not saying you need to get a set of every weight from 5-200 lbs, but getting a few will open up tons of possibilities for home workouts. If it’s in your budget then spring for an adjustable set that gives you tons of options while saving space! And in case you missed our post about how to get a full-body workout in using only dumbbells, we’ve got you covered here.


Okay, I know this one is way more of a splurge than the rest of the items on this list. If I’m going to invest in any one piece of cardio equipment it would be a rower. They’re an amazing full-body workout that will get your heart rate up and make you sweat! You can do sprints for a HIIT workout, a longer steady row for your cardio, or work it into a circuit with your dumbbells or kettlebell. It’s also light enough to easily move around or store away.

WEighted vest

One of the easiest ways to get in a good home workout is with bodyweight movements. Adding in a weighted vest is a great way to step up the intensity in everything you do. Whether you’re running, jumping, doing pushups or planks a weight vest will make you work that little bit harder. There are some that are a set weight, but I prefer the type where you can add or take away weight depending on what you need.

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