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Home Tour // A Modern Take on Spanish

Spanish style is synonymous with homes in Southern California. (You cant go a block with out seeing stucco, tile roofs and wrought iron details.) But for this Spanish home, it was about taking those traditional details and giving the interior a totally modern and minimal twist. Keep reading to see all the before and after photos that you have to see to believe. 

From the outside, this La Quinta, California space looks much like your typical home. But upon entering, it becomes clear that it’s anything but. Designed by the talented team at Studio Life/Style for a young family of four, the interiors reflect a relaxed and modern approach to Spanish style, utilizing an earthy color palette and plenty of texture to create a truly comfortable and inviting space.

Although the entire home ended up being renovated, the project began with much humbler ambitions – simply to change up paint and furniture. But as often happens in design, the scale grew, and grew to include more rooms (including the total renovation of the master bathroom after the stone was cracked during construction). What resulted is a home that stripped back the traditional elements of Spanish design to their bare essentials: simple, dark wood ceiling beams, tumbled stone floors and a streamlined white plaster fireplace. Adding in special pieces, like a custom stair runner made of hand-sewn kilim rugs, along with graphic accents, modern lighting and clean-lined furniture, gives this home it’s unique perspective on Spanish style. And while there is plenty of style, the designers also took into consideration the whole family, using outdoor fabrics on sofas for durability and making sure no space was too precious to be really used and enjoyed.

Ready to see exactly how this Spanish home gets modern? Keep scrolling to see all images (including before and afters) of this inspiring home, and to shop all the product you need to bring this style to your space.

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  1. WOW!!! Everything in this home just feels so comfortable. What stands out to me is that many people would probably be just fine with the “before” pictures and not bother going further, but the after is just so much more luxurious and makes the house lighter and more grand. Keeping the arch over the bath was a great touch.

    1. I agree. It does feel super comfortable and polished at the same time. Thanks for reading! -B

  2. I love seeing your Before & After!! You totally gave this Spanish home a modern and minimalist twist that is very stylish and trendy. Your sense of style, eye for design and everything in between are just amazing. I stumbled upon your lovely website thanks to Pinterest. I’m so grateful!
    By the way, my family and I started watching Queer Eye every night after dinner in the past couple of weeks. That’s our happy family time. My kids and I are huge fans of you all. Thank you for doing what you do!

    1. This home was actually designed by the Studio Life/Style team ( I wanted to share their beautiful modern take on the Spanish style! Thank you for enjoying the story and I’m so happy you and your family are able to spend quality time together watching Queer Eye. Sending lots of love xx -B

  3. I really love this home redesign—makes me want to whisk away for a week is Spain. Do you happen to know which paint color was used in the bathroom by the vanity?

    1. This home was designed by Studio Lifestyle, so I don’t have specific info on products that were used. But if you’d like to see my favorites white paint colors, check out this post. Thanks for reading! xx -B