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This Home Is The Perfect Mix Of Modern And Traditional

Finding the perfect balance is something we all strive for, whether it be our work/life, picking out an outfit, or even when designing our homes. Balancing different interior styles to create a cohesive combination can be a challenge, but sometimes it just comes together. And we’re bringing you one home that manages that enviable task – to create the perfect mix of modern and traditional.

Designed by Modern Nest in Paradise Valley, Arizona, this home brings together design elements reminiscent of an English country home with lots of 21st Century touches to create a balanced (and beautiful) home. So let’s take a tour – while we highlight some of our favorite features of this modern and traditional mix!



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Exterior Contrast

The traditional stone exterior wouldn’t be out of place in a 200-year-old English cottage. But to give it an update (and create contrast), the designers combined it with stucco and wood paneling while also using super contemporary oversized, black metal framed windows.

Mix Of Modern and Traditional

Embracing Dark Woods

We’ve seen a major move towards lighter wood for flooring in recent years. But this home took a more traditional approach, opting for a darker wide plank floor. And it’s not just the floors! Nest Modern embraced rich wood tones for the ceiling beams and kitchen island too. When paired with crisp white walls and clean-lined furniture, it creates an ideal balance of rustic and refined.

HOME tour: Mix Of Modern & Traditional

Furniture As Built Ins

How do you give a classic piece a new twist? Take traditional freestanding furniture – like the sideboard hutch in the kitchen – and instead interpret it as a built-in. Increasing the scale to match the higher ceilings also gives it a more contemporary feel, while the plate rack and navy paint are timeless details. The same can be said for the powder room (shown below), which takes a turned-leg table and transforms it into a built-in vanity.

A Mix of Furnishings 

Throughout the home, the designers masterfully mix vintage and traditional pieces with more streamlined items. In the sitting room, a rustic coffee table, brass pendant, and Persian rug nicely contrast with a contemporary boucle upholstered sofa, sleek pedestal table, and modern curved mirror.

HOME tour: Mix Of Modern & Traditional

Classic Materials Made Modern

Sometimes, how you use a material makes all the difference. The primary bathroom takes 2 timeless classics – marble and brass – and gives them a new twist. The marble countertops are certainly traditional, but with the added shelf return on the backsplash, they have a more contemporary feel. As for brass, it’s used in a handful of modern ways, from the round knobs on the vanity to the sculpture-like sconces, to the frame on the mirror.

What is your favorite part of this traditional and modern mix? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. What is the paint color name and brand of these white walls?

  2. Easy to answer that question….what do I like best about this design?
    Um….EVERYTHING. I absolutely love love love that home. but if I had to pick a favorite thing, I’d say the use of stone in front (and that front door and color) and the stone in back for the fireplace wall.

    1. It’s definitely a gorgeous space! Thanks for your comment. xx -B

  3. The perfect mix of traditional, classic and clean modern. There is warmth and structure all around. The color palette is striking. Earth tones, beige, but not monochromatic. A mix of soft textures and rough, hard textures. My dream home.

    1. Totally dreamy! Glad you like it, and thank you for your comment. xx -B

  4. I’m sorry, but I really, really, REALLY hate how that kitchen opens onto the living room like that. There needs to be some sort of division.

    Much of this is very beautiful, especially the outside, the bathroom, and the kitchen (other than being so open). But that bedroom is disappointing.

    1. Open floor plans aren’t for everyone! But I’m glad you enjoyed much of this home. xx -B