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Hotel Tour: Vora Villas in Santorini, Greece

With the official start of summer just a few days away (this Friday the 21st) are you as ready for summer vacation as we are? Although we will still be in the office working away on some very fun projects this summer, it doesn’t mean that our wanderlust hasn’t kicked into full gear.

This beautiful boutique hotel – Vora Villas – located in Santorini, Greece is giving us all the summer vacay vibes we are craving. So we thought we would share it with you. Sharing is caring after all.

Vora is a handcrafted and designed property of private villas carved into caves, cliffs and suspended high above the sea. (We told you it will cause wanderlust.) It overlooks the historic and picturesque Santorini coastline and has views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Beyond the views, the design is something to boast about as well. The entire compound was designed by K-Studio. They employed a monochromatic color palette and kept the furnishings and fixtures simple to allow the dramatic views and property to take the front row.

Each villa features an upper level of living space and a lower level of bedroom space, and we are ready to pack our bags and check in. Let’s take a look.


“You’ll feel like you’re a world away.”
Vora Villas

  1. Wow, that´s amazing. I´m already relax just by seeing it.
    Some day I´ll visit Vora Villas.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Chio 🙂