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How Often Should You Really Replace Your Sheets? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

We’ve told you how to whiten your sheets and how often to wash them. But there’s one other thing you should also consider when making your bed: when do you really need to replace your sheets with a whole new set? Eventually, every set has an expiration – and we’re letting you know exactly when it’s recommended you say so long to your sheets.    

Many of us are probably using our sheets until they get stained – or even start to unravel. But even the highest quality sheets aren’t going to last forever. Every set will eventually reach the point when the fabric is worn down, and sweat and oil from nightly use are fully embedded in the fibers (Yuck.) So keep scrolling to learn when you need to swap them out – whether you have linen, percale, sateen, or microfiber – and how to make your sheets last longer too. 



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When To Really Replace Your Sheets 

It turns out, there’s no single answer to when you should replace your sheets. Determining when to trade them out really comes down to two factors: (1) how often they get used and (2) what material they are made out of. 


Sheets that are used every day of the year will have a shorter lifespan than those that get swapped out biweekly or monthly. The same can be said for materials. (microfiber) having a shorter lifespan than bamboo, cotton percale, sateen, or linen. Check out our handy chart below to know the recommended lifespan for your sheets.  






How To Make Your Sheets Last Longer 

Follow these foolproof tips to extend the life of your bedding.



  • Wash cotton bedding in cold water (not hot) to prevent shrinking.

  • Use wool dryer balls rather than dryer sheets to keep your sheets at their softest.

  • Store sheets in a linen closet or in a cloth bag to keep dust away.




Don’t just toss your old sheets! Donate your bedding through the Red Cross Green Drop program or to the American Textile Recycling Service.