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How One Designer Created A DIY Breakfast Nook (In Just 3 Days)

Didn’t think you could totally transform a room in just 3 days and for under $600? Think again! Because we’re showing you how one designer made it happen – with just a few simple materials, a little bit of labor, and lots of clever DIYs

Drew Scott (AKA Lone Fox) is no stranger to DIY home projects. He’s transformed tons of spaces  – including his entire apartment – with simple and approachable projects. And today, we’re sharing his latest design endeavor  – a beautiful new breakfast nook. So don’t miss this before and after, and the easy DIYs you pull off in your very own home!



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Not the dramatic before and after you were expecting? That’s because Drew had already given this space a mini makeover by painting the window trim and adding a colorful wallpaper. But after a month of living with the design, he was over the bright pattern – and looking to create a whole new look.

The DIY Projects

How did this makeover happen? Over the course of 3 days, Drew tackled 3 DIY projects to give his breakfast nook a more claiming and cohesive feel. Here are all the deets on how it came together.


picture frame molding

To add easy architectural detail, Drew installed picture frame molding to the walls. He started by measuring the walls, then trimmed the wood molding using miter shears to create a perfect 45-degree angle for the pieces to align. With all the pieces cut, he used a level and brad nailer to attach them to the wall.


For a whole new look and feel, Drew painted the breakfast nook in soothing Smoke Infusion by Valspar, and the kitchen wall in a slightly darker shade, Coastal Dusk. And for a little something extra special, he also added a striped detail to the underside of the arch. Using the width of the painter’s tape as a guide, he measured out the stripes and then painted them in each of the two wall colors.


For Drew’s most ambitious DIY, he constructed his breakfast table totally from scratch! Using  2 15″ wood rounds, a 2″ X 4″, and 1″ wood dowel rods, he created a custom table base. He then glued on a larger wooden table top and stained the entire table a rich walnut color. (You can see all the step by step instructions in the video below).

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Drew’s DIY makeover – including all the steps for each project!


Drew’s DIY Tips

We asked Drew to share some of his best tips and tricks  – in incusing how to make the biggest impact in your own home.


What is your best tip for painting? 

My go-to painting tip is after applying the tape, quickly paint the original wall color around the edge of the tape. That way whatever bleeds will be the original wall color vs. the new color. It almost creates a seal between the tape and the base coat. This worked extremely well on the stripe detail added under the arch and is perfect for painting textured walls!


If people are intimidated by the DIY molding is there a way that they can achieve the same sort of detailed look in a different way? 

I first want to say that this molding was done using only one power tool­–a brad nailer. I like to think of a brad nailer as a large staple gun and it truly is the easiest power tool you can use. Miter shears were used to cut the molding so no large saws were used in the process. However, if you truly wanted the look without having to DIY it, there are many peel-and-stick wall molding options online!

What update or DIY would you recommend to create the biggest impact in a space? 

Painting can make such a difference in any space! When I first moved into my current apartment, all the walls were an off-white color with blue trim, and it was not cute at all. Once I repainted the walls…it completely changed the apartment. Wallpaper, new paint, an accent wall, or wall molding can totally change the vibe of a space and give it new life.


Have a question about Drew’s DIY makeover? Ask us in the comments below.


  1. Drew is brilliant and inspiring and original and unafraid and humble and incredible~! i love how the color doesn’t fight the stainless so it doesn’t blare out. it looks like the best day in london. THANKS FOR BRINGING US ALONG~ and the stripes are just small enough to be perfectly proportioned — you think omg it would miss so much without them.

    1. I love this little spot! Glad you loved it as well. Stay safe and inspired! xx -B