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How To Cut Your Energy Bill – And Save Big!

A truly functional home is one that looks good, works well, and makes your life easier. It can also have another big bonus: Saving you money. Optimizing function when it comes to utilities can make your home smarter and cut your energy bill! It won’t take a huge amount of effort either. Just a few small changes will have you saving big – and we’re about to show you how.

Utility costs can make up a significant portion of a household budget. And with rising prices for gas and electricity (especially with increased usage in the colder winter months), even making some small changes can have an outsized impact on your bills – and your wallet. We’re here to show you some of the easiest ways to cut your energy bill by simply swapping out for more energy-efficient options, cooling things down, or just flipping an off switch!

1. Lower Your Thermostat

This one may be a bit obvious, but dropping the temperature on your thermostat while you are asleep or are out of the house can also drop the cost of your heating or cooling. Lowering by 5-7 degrees for 8 hours can actually produce a 10% annual decrease in your bill! 


2. Do An Energy Assessment

There may actually be areas of your home that are causing you to waste energy. Drafty windows or doors, leaky ducts, or faulty appliances can all be the culprits. By conducting an energy assessment you can find any issues and remedy them. Click here to find a certified professional near you.

3. Shorten Your Showers 

Most showerheads cycle through 2.5 gallons of water per minute. So by shortening your shower (even by just 1 minute) you can reduce water usage, and cut back on the energy used by your water heater. Or consider a low-flow showerhead that will conserve while you shower.


4. Wash Clothes In Cold Water 

As we’ve previously mentioned, switching to cold water washing will still get all your clothing clean (even whites), while also saving energy, money, and even the planet!


5. Switch To LED Lighting

If you haven’t already, swap all your lightbulbs to LED (Incandescent bulbs are no longer legal in the US). They’re the most energy-efficient option, last much longer, and are now available in every size and color temperature (including our preferred option, dimmable soft white.)