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How To Make A Small Bathroom Look (A Lot) Bigger: 5 Of Bobby’s Best Tips

Photo: Suzanna Scott
Design: Katie Martinez

If your home happens to have a bathroom that’s seriously lacking in square footage, you might think you’re simply stuck with a small and cramped space. But with a few design tips, you can make even the tiniest bathroom look – and feel – a lot more spacious. And Bobby is showing you how!

As a room that gets plenty of daily use, it’s important to have a bathroom that you actually enjoy spending time in. And no matter how compact your bathroom may be, you can make a big impact. Keep scrolling to see 5 foolproof ideas for giving your small bathroom ovwersize appeal!



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Design: Nune

Go Light & Bright

The easiest solution to a bathroom that feels bigger? Choose paint, wood finishes, and tile in lighter colors. Allowing light to bounce around the room will visually increase your square footage – and trick the eye into thinking the room is larger.



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Float Your Vanity

A bulky vanity can take up quite a bit of precious space. So opting for a floating version is a great way to still get storage – while feeling a lot less cumbersome. You can also select a pedestal sink for an even more compact and space-saving solution.



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Open Up The Shower

A small space is always going to feel bigger when it’s not broken up by any sort of divider. A frameless glass shower enclosure is the best option for creating one continuous flow that feels more spacious. If you don’t have the option for a glass enclosure, consider a clear shower curtain or a lighter color.



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Consider Closed Storage

A cluttered counter or lots of products on display is going to make a compact bathroom even more cramped. So utilize plenty of closed storage that keeps all your essentials out of sight, and your bathroom looking more streamlined. A medicine cabinet is also a great way to maximize storage- without taking up any additional space.



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Scale Up The Mirror

A small space doesn’t mean you have to always go petite. Consider scaling up to a larger mirror to really open things up. Reflecting lots of light will add instant size, and if you have high ceilings, emphasize that vertical space with a tall mirror.



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  1. Love this! Do you have favorite colors for bathrooms besides white? 🙂 Our bathroom is medium-ish sized.

    1. I love light greens, blues, and grays to create a soothing feel and bring in a bit of color for bathrooms. xx -B