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How To Make Your Wifi Faster: 6 Easy Tips To Speed Up Your Connection

Is there anything more annoying than an episode of Queer Eye buffering right when you get to the makeover reveal? Unfortunately, slow Wifi is something many of us have to deal with – even when we have a connection that’s supposed to be speedy. But the good news is there are easy ways to make your Wifi faster – without making any upgrades to your router or internet service. 

Most households now have a plethora of Wi-Fi smart gadgets (in addition to our computers and TVs). From lightbulbs to doorbells, smart locks to speakers, having reliable Wi-Fi is essential to keeping things running smoothly. So take a look at these 6 easy tips to speed things up – and give your Wifi a boost for free!



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 1. Test Your Wifi Speed

Before you try anything else, test your connection to ensure things are working properly and as fast as they should be. Using a free speed test you can determine your connection speed in just seconds. (Anything over 100 Mbps is considered to be fast.)


2. Properly Position Your Router 

The location of your router can have a definite influence on your signal strength. Thus, the ideal spot is at the center of your home, where waves can reach all rooms equally. A higher position (like on a shelf) can also help with an uninterrupted signal, as the radio waves used by Wifi go down, not up.

3. Place Your Router Away From Other Devices

It might seem obvious, but it’s a good idea to keep some distance between your router and devices that operate on Wifi. Smart speakers, TVs, and Bluetooth can all interfere with a Wifi signal. And keep your router out of the kitchen, as microwaves can also cause disturbances to your service.


4. Add A Wifi Expander

Adding a simple device called a Wifi expander will communicate with your router to boost your network and strengthen the signal into more rooms of your home. Just plug it into any “dead zones” in your home and see speeds improve. Check out extenders for every size space HERE.

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5. Disconnect Devices Not In Use

The more devices running on wifi, the more strained your broadband may be. And since most homes have a handful (or more), it’s a good idea to disconnect or disable the Wifi on anything you’re not using – in order for items in use to operate at full speed.




6. Clean Up Your Computer

If you’re using your computer to work, shop, stream, and take zoom calls, it’s a smart idea to clean up your hard drive every so often. Certain applications could be slowing things down (without your even realizing it). Try clearing your cache and browser history, updating your anti-virus software, and using the latest version of your web browser. And don’t forget to do the same for your phones and tablets too.