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How To Maximize Bedroom Storage: 4 Easy To Apply Ideas

Your bedroom is a place to rest and unwind after a long day. But it can become a source of stress – if you’re struggling to figure out how to fit all your belongings. But even if you have a cramped closet and not a lot of square footage, there are plenty of ways to make the most of this room. And we’re showing you how to maximize bedroom storage with 4 easy to apply ideas. 

Bobby recently spoke to Bustle about how to maximize your bedroom storage. And he’s got plenty of solutions to share – no matter how small your bedroom may be! We’ve also included some of the best storage products that are easy to implement (including smart pieces from Bobby’s new QVC collection).



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Optimize Unused Areas

If you’re short on closets or lacking drawer space, you need to think about the areas you don’t see and how to utilize them. Under the bed is the perfect place to look for extra space to keep clothing, shoes or anything else that needs to be tucked away. You can also take advantage of the unused space at the top of your closet by adding shelving that takes full advantage of the height.

Photo: Ikea

Create Additional Hanging Space

Any closet can get a major storage upgrade simply by adding some smart products that make the most of hanging space. Bring in hanging shelving or organizers to store anything you don’t have drawer space for and create more functional and useable area. A hanging over the door organizer is also an effective option for stashing shoes or small items, while a freestanding clothes rack provides an option for easy extra hanging.

“You’re really limiting yourself (and the number of items you can fit in your bedroom) if you don’t utilize other easy storage options.”
Design: Brady Tolbert

Utilize Multi-Purpose Pieces

When space is at a premium in your bedroom, it pays to think multi-purpose. An ottoman or bench at the end of the bed could also have a shelf or built in storage, or choose a large basket that can double as a hamper or spot to stash blankets and extra pillows. Even adding nightstands that features a drawer or shelf is a smart ideas to stash nighttime essentials – add keep your bedside looking less cluttered.

Organize Your Drawers

You’ll be amazed at how much you can really fit in a drawer that is optimally organized. Separating a dresser drawer into sections for each item (and folding them neatly) will give you a lot more space for clothing items and accessories. Choose organizers that work best for whatever you’re storing, or custom options that allow you to fit them to your exact needs.