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How To Mix & Match Bedding: Our Foolproof Tips

Your bedroom is the space you return to everyday to unwind and get a good nights sleep. And creating a comfy and stylish bed is a big part of your bedroom’s appeal. That’s why today we’re showing you an easy way to give your bed a unique look – by teaching you how to mix & match your bedding. 

There are a few simple rules to follow when it comes to your bedding, and we’re sharing them all (along with all the bedding from Bobby’s QVC line!) So keep scrolling to learn how to mix & match bedding – the foolproof way.



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1. Sheets & Pillowcases

As the foundational pieces of your bed, your sheets and pillowcases are a crucial component of bedding – and also one of the easiest items to mix and match. For a simple way to get started, you can purchase two different sets of sheets that compliment each other. This could be different shades of neutrals, light and dark, or solids with a stripe or subtle pattern. From there, mix a solid fitted sheet with a patterned top sheet, or vice versa (we chose navy dash and white for the bedroom shown on the left). Then bring in coordinating pillowcase in one or both of the patterns used for the sheets. Just remember, don’t want to mix lots of bold colors or patterns on one bed, as it will create an overly busy look.


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2. Duvet Cover

With your sheets and pillowcases sorted, it’s time to move on to the duvet cover. You want to select and option that compliments your sheets, while also creating some contrast through color, texture or pattern. A stripe will work well with solid sheets, or a subtle pattern or texture to create interest. Opt for a solid duvet cover in a neutral tone that’s slightly lighter or darker than your sheets for a soothing pairing, or go dark with your duvet for a more eye catching look. Most duvets also come with a set of shams (a decorative pillow cover)  that you can place behind your regular pillowcases for another mixed layer.


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3. Blanket & Throws

For the final element to mix & match, bring in a throw or blanket at the end of the bed. A throw serves as a finishing touch (and also makes your bed look extra cozy). A throw is also another easy way to create contrast, by using a different material, pattern or texture than your duvet cover. Wool or bouclé will look luxe when paired against a linen or cotton duvet, or you can opt for stripes, or perhaps something with fringe or tassels for an extra touch. Choosing a dark color will draw the eye when layered over white or light tones, while a light throw will pop against a dark duvet.