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How To (Really) Whiten Your Sheets: The Hack You Need To Know About

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Tucking into a set of crisp white sheets can be a real pleasure at the end of a long day. But after many nights, your whites might not be looking their brightest or whitest. You may have tried bleaching to bring them back to life, but there’s actually an even easier solution – and it starts with going blue.


Dingy and yellowed sheets certainly aren’t attractive or appealing. But getting them back to looking like new is much easier than you think! You just need one simple (and totally nontoxic) product to make it happen – and we’re letting you know exactly what it is.


Keep scrolling to see the easy hack for how to really whiten your sheets!



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How To Keep Your Sheets White

Our friends over at Organized Home tipped us off to the secret to whiter sheets – and it’s all about blue.  Yep, a product called liquid bluing (which is a concentrate made from blue iron powder) is all you need to brighten up all your whites. It’s true! This simple addition is a real lifesaver when it comes to saving your sheets. And unlike bleach, it’s totally non-toxic and biodegradable too.

Now you’re probably wondering how adding blue can actually make something more white? Good question! While it might seem a bit strange, white fabrics don’t start out as pure white. Natural fibers like cotton are actually off-white and then dyed or bleached with a little bit of blue to get it to a perfect white shade. And over many washes, as well as discoloration from the oils on our bodies rubbing off, the blue starts to gradually wear off. So by adding blue back in, you’re actually making whites whiter. 



Keep scrolling for our guide on how to use liquid bluing in your next load of laundry.

Photo: Parachute

How To Use Liquid Bluing


1. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of bluing liquid to 4 cups cold water (for a large load) or a few drops to 2 cups cold water for a small load.


2. Add the mixture to the final rinse cycle of your washer. You can pour directly into the drum for a top loader, or add to the dispenser for a front loader. (If your washer’s dispenser locks, just add the mixture to the wash cycle.)


3.That’s it! Once the load is complete, your whites will come out looking like new.



*This process also works for almost any white fabric, from towels to clothing, but will not work on items that are deeply stained or discolored.


  1. That’s a grandma thing she always used bluing kinda like clarion blue shampoo to keep u blonde or to make sure ur grey hair doesn’t turn

    1. That’s amazing – Your grandma knew all the tricks. Thanks for your comment xx -B

  2. This product has been used in my family for over a hundred years in Texas.
    I used to work at a facility that had disabled individuals and I did their laundry for my cottage. I was asked by Director why was my whites so white compared to whites in other cottages. I said, “Ancient Chinese Secret”….it was Blueing. I keep several bottle on hand. Sometimes hang your whites so Sun can give them a whiter look with blueing. Neighbors ask why my whites
    are so white. Fabulous product! Totally agree with you! Keep Blueing❤️

  3. *goes off to see if I can get this magic liquid in the UK*