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Improve Your Mood By Improving Your Home: 5 Easy Ways To Feel A Lot Better

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How we furnish our homes isn’t just about creating a stylish space. It’s also about creating an environment that enhances your well-being (and even improves your mood). And it definitely doesn’t take a major effort to make it happen. You can feel less stressed, more inspired, and create a real sense of calm – all with just a few simple changes around the house.   

The design and furnishings in your home have a big impact on your daily life – and that definitely includes your mood. So why not take a few steps to make your space an even more enjoyable place to spend time? We’re sharing some of the best ideas to help you feel better at home – with easy-to-implement tips that anyone can tackle.


Keep scrolling to see our 5 tips for how to change your mood by changing up your home.



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When You’re Feeling Stressed… GET ORGANIZED

There’s a reason we’re always going on and on about organization (and it’s not just because we’re totally neat freaks either). A cluttered space is about so much more than just piles of paper or unmanageable messes. It also has a major impact on your well-being. Psychologists have proven a direct correlation between cluttered spaces and stress, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and inhibiting productivity.

But the good news is, you CAN get your home – and stress – in order. Start by focusing on just one problem area and begin by getting it under control. Continue to make your way through your abode, and you’ll be on the path to a happier home and life.



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When You’re Feeling Uninspired… ADD SOME INTEREST

When you’re staring at the same 4 walls day in and day out, it’s easy to get uninspired – and focus on all the elements you wish you had). But you can shift your perspective on your space (and quite possibly your outlook on life) by simply bringing in something exciting.

An interesting addition can not only add visual appeal but even help stimulate your creativity and boost your mood. Anything from a bouquet of fresh flowers to new artwork, to a coat of paint, can do the trick. Even simply rearranging some of your existing pieces can get you out of a rut – and into a rejuvenated state of mind.



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When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed… GET COMFORTABLE

To say modern life is a bit overwhelming would be a massive understatement. Between work, family, and everyday responsibilities (not to mention an endless stream of negative news) it’s understandable that you might be feeling a little – or a lot- fatigued. But the best place to fight those feelings is right in your own home.

Making your space as cozy and comfy as possible is key to combating those overwhelming thoughts. Physically adding soft materials, plush pillows, and inviting furniture can help you relax your body – and find your inner calm. Try treating your bedroom as an escape from all the noise of the outside world, and you’ll start and end each day in a more soothing state of mind.



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When You’re Feeling Unenergized… BRING IN PLANTS

A morning cup of coffee can only go so far to get you truly energized. To see serious uplifting benefits, you need to harness the power of nature. And plants have a unique way of supercharging the most sluggish and lethargic of days – simply by sitting there!

By eliminating pollutants and improving air quality, a bit of greenery can really make you feel better, as well as sharpen your attention when you need to really focus. So adding a pretty potted plant to your home office is always a smart move to get you feeling fresh and ready to take on any task.




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When You’re Feeling Unhappy… INJECT SOME COLOR

The best way to turn a frown upside down? Watch an episode of Queer Eye. And the second-best way? Take advantage of the truly life-altering effects of color. No other single element can improve your mood in such impactful ways as adding an uplifting shade.

And it goes way beyond paint. Color can be infused in your space in just about any way, from accessories to wallpaper, rugs, tile, and even color-changing light bulbs. Whatever material or method you choose, know that those unhappy thoughts won’t be sticking around.



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  1. I love and collect antiques. My grandkids call my house the castle. I wonder if you have pictures of homes like mine where you utilize vintage and antique pieces?