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Linen: The Light And Breathable Fabric That’s Perfect For Summer

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When it’s hot and sticky outside, it can be a real challenge to stay cool and comfortable. So when temperatures skyrocket, we reach for one (and only one) material to keep things light and breezy: Linen. And it’s the fabric you should be sleeping on, lounging in, and wearing – all summer long! 

If you haven’t been utilizing linen to stay cool this summer, you’re missing out on the best breezy fabric. But don’t sweat it (literally)! Today we’re teaching you exactly what linen is, why it’s perfect for keeping you cool, and bringing you 14 of our fave linen products for your home (and wardrobe)!



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What is Linen? 

Linen is a lightweight fabric made from the flax plant, and has been produced for thousands of years. It’s highly absorbent, dries quicker than cotton, and also helps wick away moisture, making it an ideal choice for hot climates and everyday summer use. Linen is used in everything from bedding to curtains, napkins, tablecloths, towels, and an array of clothing. Due to the fact that the harvesting and weaving process for linen is time-consuming, and flax plants only grow in certain parts of Europe, linen can also be a more expensive (but higher quality) option than cotton.