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Mental Health & Wellness: The Best Apps & Resources For Self Care

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Mental health and wellness are vitally important, and especially so in this current climate of deep uncertainty. Taking time to slow down and process our feelings is essential to a healthy and fulfilling life. Whether it’s meditation, journaling, yoga, or quiet introspection – there are lots of ways you can practice self-care. 

We’ve compiled a number of resources to help you expand on your existing wellness and mental health practices – or to get you started. From online resources to apps to podcasts and books, there is something that will meet your mental health needs, and help you continue on the road to self-awareness. We’ve also included a number of resources specifically tailored to (and created by) BIPOC and the LGBTQ community.  Because EVERYONE is entitled to the tools to create a full and enriched life.

Keep scrolling to see some of the resources available to help you improve your mental health and wellness practice.

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Apps are an easy way to incorporate wellness into your daily routine. Check out these picks for mindfulness, meditation, therapy and more.


With cute and colorful graphics, this app offers tools for meditation, mindfulness, reducing stress, and improving sleep.



Created by two minority women, this app aims to make caring for mental health easier and more inclusive, with meditation and affirmation tools designed to help you rest, heal, and grow.


Liberate Meditation

A guided meditation app specifically created for BIPOC to ease anxiety, find gratitude, and heal.



An LGBTQ wellness app to help people who are isolated, closeted or at risk find resources and improve their mental health.


5 Minute Journal

An easy to use 5 minute a day gratitude journal-  right on your phone. You can also add photos,  view entries in a timeline, and set a daily reminder.


What’s Up?

An app utilizing CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)  methods to help you cope with depression, anxiety, anger, stress, and more.



Access to therapy services – all done totally online – with focus areas for couples and teens.



Ther are lots of online options available to help practice self-care, whatever your needs may be. Here are a few to get you started, or enhance your existing routines.


Better Help

An online counseling service aimed at being accessible, affordable and convenient.


Black Girls Breathing

A community for black women to practice mental, emotional, and spiritual health through meditational breathwork – including virtual breathwork sessions.


Black Zen

A website the provides wellness tools, articles, and guided meditations tailored to the Black community.


Dive In Well

Resources promoting diversity and inclusivity in the wellness community, including e-books, workshops, and digital events.


Yoga Journal

Articles, videos, and resources devoted to yoga practice and meditation.


Ayana Therapy

This online portal for mental health and therapy was created for minority and marginalized communities to gain better access to resources.


Alcohol Rehab Guide

Resources tailored to African-Americans affected by alcoholism.


Fingerprint For Success

Mindfulness exercises designed to help handle Covid-19 stress.


Books and podcasts are an additional resource you can access to further supplement your wellness practice. Check out these options.


Mindfulness for Beginners: 4 Weeks to Peace, Gratitude, and Focus

An easy 4-week guide to mindfulness, with simple advice and accessible meditations to help you be more centered.


The Self-Love Workbook

This guided workbook that helps you to recognize your own worth and increase self-esteem with tips and exercises.


Be Unapologetically You: A Self Love Guide for Women of Color

Lessons on the process of discovering self-love and acceptance for women of color.


Headcase: LGBTQ Writers & Artists on Mental Health and Wellness

A collection of personal essays and art illustrating the intersection of wellness, mental health, and LGBTQ identity.


The Happiness Lab

This podcast from Dr. Laurie Santos examines the science of happiness, and the stories and research that show what truly makes us happy.


Therapy For Black Girls

A chat about all things mental health and living your best life with psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford.


Happy Place

Conversations with a variety of authors, musicians, and actors about life, what they’ve learned, and how they describe happiness.