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Mixing It Up: 12 Bedroom Furniture Pairings That Work

Design: Studio McGee

We’re always searching for that perfect pairing. You know, that intimate connection where things just work. And no, we’re not talking about relationships – we’re talking about (what else) furniture! And today, you can consider us your furniture matchmaker – as we show you 12 bedroom furniture pairings that work perfectly together. 

The easy answer to a bedroom pairing may seem like a matching bedroom set, right? It’s already been put together to match perfectly. And while there are definitely some good collections, you can achieve a muchg more interesting space when you pull together different furniture pieces. Plus it will be uniquely yours (and not straight off a showroom floor). To show you how to do it, we’ve compiled 12 pairings of beds, nightstands, and dressers that all work wonders together. Whether your style is minimalist, eclectic, mid-century, modern farmhouse, or anything in between, we’ve got your match.


Keep scrolling to see all 12 pairings and the shoppable links you need to bring the look to your bedroom.


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Simple stripes, a tight color palette, and classic shapes make this pairing pretty much perfect. 




Decorative details come together for an updated take on traditional. 


Fun shapes plus clean lines equal a modern mix that works well. 


This pairing has plenty of natural appeal created through leather, metal, and textured fabric.  



Great curves, luxe materials, and a little bit of gold make this combo shine. 


Mid-Century gets modernized with new takes on classic shapes. 


Pattern, texture, and balance: this eclectic ensemble has just the right amount of it all. 


Light wood tones make this Scandi style pairing seamlessly simple.




Subtle textures play off of smooth surfaces in this traditional take. 


Curving corners and spherical shapes make for all-around appeal.

Classic white combined with light wood tones makes for a cooler coastal look.


Everything lines up nicely thanks to the black & white connection in this combination. 



  1. The cane headboard at the top of the article (top right with a grey headboard) – where is it from! I need it! <3

    1. That room was designed by Heidi Caillier, so I don’t have the exact info on the headboard. You can shop a similar option here though. Thanks for reading! xx -B

  2. Do you have similar options for the channel bed with footboard in the cover photo of this article? I love the plush fabric footboard look!

    1. You can shop that bed here. Thanks for your comment! xx – B

  3. I loved it when you said that while there are definitely some good collections, you can achieve a much more interesting space when you pull together different furniture pieces. My wife want’s our bedroom to look romantic, and I believe that looking for the proper selection of bedroom furniture could solve the problem. That is why I am looking for the best custom furniture company to ensure the best quality.

  4. I loved the textured traditional pieces that you shared. I’d really like to get some new furniture for my bedroom. I’ll have to look online this week.

    1. I love that pairing too! Thanks for your comment. xx -B

  5. These are so great! I really love that you listed out and showed the photos clearly for each design idea, this would really be helpful in replicating at home

    1. Thank you for reading our story! Glad you found the images helpful – We love to see your version of the bedroom pairing at home too. xx -B