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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Over 50 Of Our Favorites

With Mother’s day right around the corner (this weekend!) we wanted to round up a few of our favorite last minute gifts for those Mothers in our lives that you might be having a hard time shopping for.

And while a gift can never really replace something heartfelt and sentimental that you pass along to the Mother’s in your life on this special day, mother’s deserve to be celebrated in every single way, and a small gift is something that can show a little appreciation and gratitude for everything that they do for us. To get you started, here are a few of our favorites for the Mother’s in your life based on category.

We’ve got gifts for the foodie, gifts for the health and wellness guru, gifts for the homebody or designer, gifts for the techie, gifts for the fashionista, and gifts for everyone (which has all those gifts that just about anyone would love). Happy early Mother’s day to all the mothers out there – and a big heartfelt thank you to being the absolute best people on the planet day in and day out.