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Our 7 Favorite DIY Kits From Etsy (That Anyone Can Do)

Most of the time, we’re searching Etsy to find talented creators and the best handmade products. But today, we’re turning the tables and showing YOU how to become your very own maker. That’s right! And with these 7 DIY kits to get you started, you’ll have everything you need to get hands-on (no matter your skill level).


We’ve done a deep dive into Etsy – and discovered some of the most delightful DIY kits the site has to offer. From weaving to sculpting to knitting or candle making, these options make it easy to try a new skill (and give you a stylish piece to show off when you’re done). So roll up your sleeves, clear off the counter, and get ready to get creative!


Keep scrolling to see the 7 DIY kits that anyone can use and enjoy (even kids!)



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Make Your Own Pottery

If you’re ready to really get hands-on (and really give your arms a workout while you’re at it), try a little bit of clay to liven up your day. This hand sculpting kit provides you with all the materials and tools to make two personalized pots or any vessel you desire. Plus with no kiln required (yup, this clay can air dry on its own) your customized creations will be ready to sit proudly on the windowsill in just 24 hours.


BUY HERE for $46


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Make Your Own Candles

There’s nothing like a scented candle to set a relaxing mood. But little did we know that making your own candle is practically as easy as lighting one (well, almost). This all-in-one kit will guide you through each step of candlemaking, and leave you with a sweet-scented creation of your own. And with four scents to chose from (like Oak Moss & Eucalyptus), you can select the exact one that suits you – and your nose- best.


BUY HERE for $28


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Make Your Own Plant Hanger

Need a new spot for your favorite houseplant to hang out? Then try your hand at this clever kit. With just a few easy to learn knots, you’ll have a brand new plant hanger (and the satisfaction of saying “I made that”). And be sure to stock up, because this DIY kit also makes a great gift for any proud plant parent.


BUY HERE for $32


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Make Your Own Leather Wallet 

This is definitely a DIY that may look high-end (but is actually “sew” easy). This snap wallet kit includes all the leather components (that will only look better with age) along with the thread and you need to stitch together a stylish new accessory. It’s also just the right size for stashing your essentials without taking up too much pocket space.



BUY HERE for $38


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Make Your Own Knit Scarf

For one DIY that’s sure to be a hit – grab this kit and learn to knit! You’ll get a box packed with yarn, knitting needles, and of course, the all-important instructions to get you started on your very own scarf. And once you’ve mastered the basics skills, you can start creating all sorts of cozy and comfy accessories.


BUY HERE for $50


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Make Your Own Woven Basket

Interested in learning a skill that dates back thousands of years (but is just as relevant as ever)? Scoop up this user-friendly kit to learn the art of basket weaving, and create your very own basket that’s so stylish, friends might not believe you made it. And with simple instructions, even the little ones will be able to help with the weaving.



BUY HERE for $32


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Make Your Own Indigo Dyed Fabric

For an easier way to get started in indigo dyeing, this kit has you (and all your extra fabric) covered. Complete with all the ingredients you need to make indigo at-home, you’ll be all set to try out shibori (a Japanese dyeing technique of creating patterns) to create all sorts of cute items for your home or your wardrobe.


BUY HERE for $24


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  1. These DIY kits are so cute! Can’t wait to do them with my nephew in the future

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Happy crafting xx -B

  2. I’ve been looking to make my own plant hanger for awhile now and this is a sign! Thank you Bobby!!

    1. Hope you can make a beautiful plant hanger. Thanks for reading! xx -B