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Our Go-To Pieces for Entertaining: What You Need Right Now

The world is filled with two types of people: “party goers” and “party throwers”.


Whether you are the type that goes all out when entertaining guests or the type that keeps it pretty simple there are a few key items that every kitchen needs to have in order for your space to be “party ready”. Today we are walking you through what those items are and giving you links to some of our favorite products to get you started. All while showcasing some dining room spaces that have been inspiring us lately. So, who is ready to party?!

Dinnerware Sets

Whether your table is set for 2 or set for 20, having the right kind of dinnerware can set the tone for your party. While some will say to go fancy, we love to keep it casual for your dinnerware. There is no need to buy something “just for parties” when you can just set the table with what you use every day and dress it up with napkins, platters, and glassware (which we will get into below).

We suggest going for something neutral – white, black, grey, cream as that will always stay classic and also create a neutral foundation for your table setting. But, for those that are neutral adverse and need a little color in their life, there are a few below that fall into the “colorful” category. Here are our favorites at all different price points.


Unless you’re hosting a finger-food party, then you’ll need some flatware for your guests to use. Similar to dinnerware, we suggest going with something in a classic color and style that you can also use every day.

Whether you like black, silver, gold or something in between here are a few of our favorites.

Trays and Platters

We’ve all heard of (and partaken in) the passed hors d’oeuvre tray. Well, no need to get that fancy with your own entertaining, but having some trays and platters in your arsenal will help anytime you need to bring something out to the table, corral some food onto a surface, or provide a place to keep things.

Beyond entertaining purposes, trays can be universally used in just about every single room and are easy to stack and store. Making them a great thing to grab and have on hand when you need them.

Design: Mondo Deli


Glassware is one of those places where you can really bring the table setting to life. It gives you an opportunity to bring in something special or playful.

While that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your everyday glassware for entertaining, it does mean that some of what we included below could make your table setting a little more exciting and dare we say “party-ready”?!


There is no better way to make a guest feel fancy at your dinner, then to hand them a cloth napkin for them to wipe their grubby hands and face all over. It gives a sense of being in a high-end restaurant and when you’re entertaining, fooling your guests into thinking they are at a high-end restaurant when in reality they are just sitting around your table is always a good thing.

We love using cotton or linen napkins as they will get softer and better with age, and also can easily be thrown into the washer after your party.


A few simple and well-designed serving pieces can go a long way. You don’t need to go overboard with new serving pieces but getting a mixture of pieces in neutrals – whites, blacks, and metallics – will allow you to use them every occasion.

When you are shopping, pay attention to scale and size. You don’t need to pick up three serving bowls that are all around the same size. Instead, mix it up with different sizes, shapes or finishes to make it feel collected and interesting.

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