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Outdoor Week: 5 Ways To Help Spruce Up Your Patio

Photo: David Tsay
Design: Rosa Beltran

Warmer weather and sunny skies are here (yay!), and that means it’s time to spend more time outdoors (especially after being stuck indoors for the past few months). While we’re still keeping our distance at parks and common spaces, you can enjoy the season by creating your own outdoor oasis right at home, no matter how the space looks currently!

All this week, we’ll be sharing the tips, tricks, and ideas you need to make the most of your outdoor space.

And we’re kicking things off today by bringing you the ideas to get your patio (or balcony or deck) in peak condition. We’ve got some easy tips for how to turn whatever space you have into a super inviting space perfect for soaking up some sun.


Keep scrolling to see our tips for sprucing up your patio (and the products you need to do it). And be sure to check back tomorrow for How To Easily Set Up An Herb Garden.



For even more tips to improve your home, check out 6 (Super) Easy DIYs To Upgrade Your Space and Spring Refresh: 4 Ways To Give Your Space A Seasonal Update.

Photo: Eve Wilson
Design: Studio Moore


Whether you have a small balcony, a rooftop, or a larger lounge area, bringing in some greenery is always a good idea. A few potted plants can go a long way to making a space feel lush and full of life. To ensure visual interest (and impact) create a grouping that mixes sizes and scales, from plants with lots of height, to smaller pots to hanging planters. And if you’re a fan of color, flowers are a great way to incorporate it naturally. 



For a more uniform and pulled together look, use planters that are in the same finish, color palette or style. You don’t need to go expensive with them either. You can use traditional terra cotta pots in different sizes and for a modern and uniform look.

PAINT Your Patio

Is your patio seriously lacking some pizazz? Inject some pattern into the space! One easy way is to add an easy stenciled pattern that mimics tile. It will liven up a dull concrete area- and is a lot more cost-effective than laying tile. (CLICK HERE to learn how to get started.) If you need a less permanent option, you can also bring in a patterned outdoor rug for a bit of pop that will also help anchor a dining or seating area.


Don’t have an existing patio or deck? You can also create a patio area (with no construction) by laying pea gravel. Click Here for a step by step guide.

SPRUCE UP Your Seating

Adding cushions or pillows to outdoor furniture will bring some much-needed softness (and make you a lot more comfortable while lounging.) Whether it’s a dining chair cushion or a grouping on an armchair, it’s a great way to introduce some color and texture to a patio that’s looking a little plain. Just make sure you’re purchasing pillows in outdoor-friendly fabrics, which will stand up to the elements and resist fading.



For a foolproof pillow pairing, stick with 3 pillows: a solid, a smaller scale pattern and a larger scale pattern.

Photo: Karyn Millet
Design: Raili Clasen


Take advantage of the outdoors anytime by shedding some light on your backyard. Hanging a set of string lights over a dining or seating area is a lovely way to cast a warm glow (just make sure they aren’t too bright- no one wants to be blinded while trying relax!) And if you can’t suspend lights overhead, you can always drape them over a railing or line the perimeter of a door or window.


Solar-powered string lights are a great solution if you don’t have any accessible outlets.

WARM UP With A Firepit

Even a warm summer night can get a little chilly when the sun goes down. So keep things feeling nice and toasty with a firepit. While a built-in gas firepit would be a total dream, for a more budget-friendly option, try a freestanding, wood-burning model (that you can also store away when not in use). And besides keeping you warm, you can also toast some marshmallows too!


Be sure to check with your local government to make sure you can have a wood-burning firepit in your area before purchasing.

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