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Queen Elizabeth II: Paying Tribute With A Royal Tour of Her Stunning Homes

Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday, Great Britain lost its longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, at age 96. Sitting on the throne for 70 years, she was a symbol of stability in an ever-changing world. And as we all say goodbye, we’re paying tribute to the queen by sharing all the stunning spaces she called home throughout her lifetime.  

From lavish palaces to historic castles to stunning estates, Queen Elizabeth II had an array of residences. Some of them are world-famous, while others are much less known. In fact, one is even available to rent on Airbnb. So keep scrolling to relive her architectural legacy and see the full royal tour.

Buckingham Palace

Originally constructed in 1703 for the first Duke of Buckingham, the world-renowned palace in London has gone through many changes during Queen Elizabeth’s reign, including a full refurbishment in the 1950s after WWII. A $500 million renovation also began in 2018 and will finish in 2027.



Photo: Kiev.Victor / Shutterstock

Windsor Castle

This ancient castle started as an earth and timber fortress built in 1071. It was continually added onto for the next 1,000 years by different monarchs. Among the staggering 951 rooms, The grand reception hall served as the space Queen Elizabeth II would host official state visits.



Sandringham Estate

Located in Norfolk (about 100 miles north of London), the estates encompasses a main house and a number of smaller buildings. It was purchased in 1862 by Queen Victoria’s eldest son and is a private property of the royal family. It was tradition for the Queen to spend Christmas at Sandringham with her family.



Balmoral Castle

Situated on 50,000 acres on the banks of the River Dee in northeastern Scotland, Balmoral Castle served as a summer retreat for Queen Elizabeth. It was purchased in 1852 for Queen Victoria, rebuilt in 1856,  and features an array of secluded forests, farmland, and gardens.



Palace of Holyroodhouse

The Queen’s official residence in Edinburgh, Scotland,  Holyroodhouse was built as a monastery in 1128 and renovated in the 1670s. The queen would typically spend Royal Week here, while the palace is best known as the home of Mary Queen of Scots.



Hillsborough Castle

Built in the 1770s, this castle served as the official residence of the queen in Northern Ireland. It’s surrounded by 100 acres of gardens and landscaping  – including the largest rhododendron plant in Europe.



Photo: Airbnb

Gardner’s Cottage

Want to be a guest of the Royal Family? This home used to be the head gardener’s cottage at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, but can now be rented on Airbnb!  It features 4 beds and 6 baths, lush greenery, and will offer you the royal treatment.





Photo: Airbnb