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Queer Eye Season 3: Robert – The Makeover & Reveal

Today we are back with another one of our makeovers from Season 3 – Robert or as you may remember him from the title of the episode “When Robert met Jamie”. 

We met Robert during episode 4 of season 3, and if you haven’t already watched the episode – add it to your cue on Netflix, it’s a good one. To give you a little background on our Hero Robert. He is a 34-year-old psychiatric nurse who was nominated by his Fiancé Jaime and his groomsmen. As she put it, “The thing that attracted me to Robert was his personality, he’s so outgoing, and just a fabulous father. I nominated Robert because this week is the wedding, and I want it to be about him, too.” Talk about a heartfelt nomination from those that are closest to him in his life.

Robert is a father of three, and as we mentioned before he was getting ready for his upcoming marriage. Beyond the home makeover and the transformation, we wanted to show him that he could be a good husband and father without brining himself down along the way. We wanted to teach him to love himself, which would allow him to love those around him even more.

We came in and made over the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Their new space not only gave Robert and Jamie a place to call home now that they have tied the knot but gave their family somewhere to grow into and create memories in. As Robert put it, “I am a husband to the most amazing woman ever. I am also a father to three of the coolest kids.”

Keep scrolling to see all the before and afters from this makeover, as well as all links to all the products we used. And to catch up on all things Queer Eye be sure to click back to Rob, Jess and Jody’s makeovers if you missed them. We’ve also pulled together all the products from every makeover HERE.

“I am a husband to the most amazing woman ever. I am also a father to three of the coolest kids.”






Photo: Christopher Smith


Photo: Christopher Smith


  1. Just binge watched the entire season and I am so moved by your ability to transform spaces into warm, inviting, cozy environments that I’m sure these lucky people will thrive in. I could relate to so many of the different issues presented throughout the series. I wrote down a list of what I thought the Fab Five would do for me and I am working on it. The most rewarding thing I ever do is beautify spaces for other people. Thus far only voluntarily but that may change. I live in a 1930s home that has ultimately been my dream house and my nightmare house depending on how I choose to look at some of the bigger issues. Today I start only seeing it as the dream house and moving in that direction. Thank you for the inspiration and the Beautiful work you’re doing. It has inspired me in ways I can never explain or thank you enough for.
    Big Love,
    Cat Bishop

  2. I have been a huge fan of Bobby’s ability to transform spaces from the very first season of Queer Eye and am so happy to find this site that breaks down the style and resources of so many of the makeovers. I especially love the light fixture in this dining room. Where can I find it?

  3. Out of curiosity, what ever happened to the basement? We never got to see the makeover of it.

  4. We just watched this episode again. QE is the perfect anecdote for the pandemic. One BIG question: what is Audrey, the 6-year-old, doing for a bedroom? We were rooting for the little girl!

    1. Hey Katy. So our daughter went to the room across the hall. The house is three bedroom. See the initial set up was each child got their own room. Audrey and Nova now share the room and have a bunk bed. If you go to my Instagram I posted a video showing off their room. I’ll tell her you were rooting for her.

  5. What colors are on the walls of the bedroom? Would true black and white be too stark?

  6. I just love rug in this living room. It’s perfect! Could you tell me where it is from?

  7. Love love love all the makeovers, especially Robert’s. Where do i find that gorgeous upholstered Black and white bed? Thanks!

  8. I adore this show and you do such beautiful work. The home transformations are insane and I wish I could come up with a fraction of these ideas and ability to turn an old home into something so wonderful. I live in a 1980s California Rambler, so its not exactly glamourous!

    The thing that I’d really love to see is how to make a ceiling fan work! Its painfully hot where I live, we spend a lot of time over 110 degrees in the summer. We have fans in every room and they need to stay, but man are they ever an eye sore unlike the glamorous lighting in these refurbished spaces!

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for the content suggestion. Stay tuned! xx -B