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Quiz: How Your Favorite TV Living Room Can Determine Your Design Style

Photo: HBO, HGTV/ Scripps Networks, Getty Images, Netflix, NBC

Our favorite TV shows make us laugh, cry and provide hours and hours of entertainment. But did you know they can also help you figure out your design style? By taking a look at some iconic TV living rooms, you can get a better idea about what you really love (and what you definitely don’t) for your own home. Just provide a few easy answers to our quiz, and you’ll be one step closer to a space fit for the small screen.  

In a minute (or even less) this quiz will help guide you to your unique interior design style. And all you have to do is rate the TV living rooms of some of your favorite shows! So hit pause on whatever you’re watching and let these TV interiors give you some design direction.


And if you want to learn even more about all the design styles, check out our full guide HERE.